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30 March 2015
VANCOUVER – The Wilderness Committee will return to court on Tuesday, March 31st for closing arguments in the defamation lawsuit brought by Taseko Mines Limited. A delegation from the Tsilhqot’in Nation will be traveling to Vancouver to attend a gathering of friends and supporters on the steps of the BC Supreme Court.

WHAT: The events mark the conclusion of the defamation lawsuit filed in 2012, in which Taseko Mines alleged that the Wilderness Committee had published defamatory statements in online publications encouraging the public to participate in the review process for the New...
28 March 2015

You did it. You joined your voice with thousands of other British Columbians to tell the BC government that societies should not risk being sued for speaking up about the issues they work on.

We’re pleased to confirm that Bill 24, the new Societies Act that was introduced in the BC Legislature yesterday, no longer contains the controversial Section 99, a proposal that would allow anyone who believes that a society is acting “to the detriment of the public interest” to file a court petition against that society. You can read more on the story here.

We were told by...
24 March 2015

Leave to appeal the Supreme Court of Canada sought 

(Vancouver)—The fight for Canadians ’right to be heard on major energy decisions is headed toward the Supreme Court.

A group of landowners, business people, academics, and other concerned Canadians today filed a constitutional challenge with Canada’s highest court over the National Energy Board’s (NEB’s) review of projects like new oil sands pipelines. Their position is that the restrictive rules unfairly limit public participation in the debate and impede their Charter rights.

“The NEB's claim that it...
24 March 2015

In 2012, the Harper government passed sweeping legislative changes restricting the rights of everyday Canadians to have their say on proposed oil projects. This violates citizens' rights to free speech and puts our natural environment at risk.

A group of concerned citizens introduced a motion before the National Energy Board asking that provisions of the National Energy Board Act that unduly restrict public comment on pipeline proposals were unconstitutional. They also challenged National Energy Board rules, which prevented any discussion of the wisdom of tar sands...
24 March 2015
Toronto Star

William Krehm's Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform is the group behind the case.

Renowned lawyer represents group alleging foreign bankers control financial institution


OTTAWA—Renowned Toronto lawyer Rocco Galati is pursuing a court case intended to do nothing less than force the Bank of Canada to reorient its activities on behalf of Canadians.

Galati, who led a successful challenge against an appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada, is representing a small Toronto group whose legal...
23 March 2015

Press Release - Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

CBAN denounces federal decision to approve GM apple GM apple approved over the objections of consumers and farmers

March 23, 2015. Ottawa. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) today denounced the Canadian government’s decision to approve the first-ever genetically modified (GM) apple.

“Our government is not listening to Canadians,” said Lucy Sharratt of CBAN. “Fruit growers had asked the government not to approve this GM apple and polls show that a majority of consumers don’t want it on grocery store shelves.”...
23 March 2015

Dear family and friends

I was at college when the War Measures Act was enacted during the October Crisis in 1970.  This was a response to the kidnapping of James Cross and the murder of Pierre Laporte.  Many of you will recall the vigorous debate in the Old Dining Hall (ODH) at Glendon College.  I remember the argument that the purpose of human rights and liberties was to protect minorities, not the majority.  As some of you know, I became a lifelong fan of Tommy Douglas for the courage he showed when he opposed the legislation in the House of Commons on...
21 March 2015
Glyphosate Classified Carcinogenic by International Cancer Agency, Group Calls on U.S. to End Herbicide's Use and Advance Alternatives

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A national public health and environmental group, Beyond Pesticides, is calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to stop the use of the country's most popular herbicide, glyphosate, in the wake of an international ruling that it causes cancer in humans. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released its finding...
21 March 2015

Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Andrew Weaver has introduced a poorly thought out private member’s bill requiring trophy hunters to pack out the “edible meat” from any grizzly bear they kill. In an interview, Weaver triumphantly claimed: “If this bill were to pass, it puts an end to [the] trophy killing of grizzly bears.”

But as Shannon McPhail, executive director of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, aptly summed up, Weaver’s bill would not affect the B.C. grizzly hunt “one bit.” Not only would Weaver’s bill do nothing to stop, or even reduce, the recreational killing of...
21 March 2015

Prominent Actors, Musicians and Authors Endorse Upcoming Climate March in Quebec City

Quebec, March 19, 2015 – Prominent Canadian actors, musicians, and authors including Indigenous rights advocate and actress Tantoo Cardinal, Juno award winning artists Claire Boucher (Grimes), Sarah Harmer, and best selling journalist and author Naomi Klein are urging people across Canada to 

come to Quebec City to march for the climate on April 11.

 “I'm booking a train ticket to Quebec City for April 11th to Act on Climate! This is one of those vital...
18 March 2015
Coalition of groups slam release of pro-industry water usage rules for the oil sands industry

 (Vancouver, BC.)  Today, Keepers of the Athabasca, Environmental Defence Canada and the Natural Resources Defense Council criticized the Alberta government for its decision to adopt weak new environmental regulations governing water usage in the oil sands industry today. The long-awaited Surface Water Quantity Framework (SWQF) and Tailings Management Framework set guidelines on how much water oil sands companies can extract from the Athabasca River, and guidelines...
13 March 2015
Alexandra Morton a biologist who has studied the impact of industrial open net salmon farming and become a vocal opponent of the industry in British Columbia, stated she was very "encouraged that the senators realize that aquaculture lobbyists were authors of large portions of rewrites of the Fisheries Act related to fish farms. She went on to say, "this is like giving Dracula oversight to write policy for a blood bank." She was responding to testimony heard by the Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans earlier this week.

The revelation came to light when Standing Senate Committee on...
09 March 2015
A federal court has ruled that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans cannot open a fishery in Haida Gwaii this year.

An injunction was given to the Haida Nation, against the federal government, to prevent the re-opening of a commercial herring fishery on the nation’s north coast.

“This win is another step to building herring stocks, and in doing so, contributes to an economy that will provide a reasonable living for our people, and the path of reconciliation with Canada,” said Haida Nation President Peter Lantin in a statement.

In a November 2014 memo, the Department of Fisheries and...
08 March 2015
Americans want Congress to move on from their dirty tar sands pet project

Today, backers of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline failed to garner enough votes in the Senate to override President Obama’s veto of controversial legislation that would have forced approval of the pipeline.

With this failure, it is clear that the time has come for Congress to give up their relentless push to support a foreign oil company at the expense of our land, water, and climate. Recent polling has shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that if President Obama decides that...
04 March 2015

VICTORIA – Compliance Energy, the proponent of the controversial Raven Coal Mine proposal, has withdrawn its revised application just hours before the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) was set to announce whether or not the application would advance to final environmental review.

Compliance’s original mine application was rejected in May 2013, when the EAO determined it was missing hundreds of pages of required information. The company re-submitted its proposal on January 30th of this year, and it is unclear why it withdrew this second application.

04 March 2015
A notice posted March 2, 2015 on the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO)
website indicates that Compliance Coal Corporation (Compliance) has
withdrawn it's Raven Coal Mine Project from the EAO screening/evaluation

March 2nd was the last day of the 30-day legislated period for conducting an
evaluation of the completeness of Compliance's Application for
Environmental Certificate (Application). Over the past several weeks as part
of the evaluation process, the EAO Working Group had been tasked with
evaluating the Application and had submitted it's comments to the EAO on...
04 March 2015

VANCOUVER - Farmers in B.C. turned in 19,791 kilograms of obsolete and unwanted pesticides, and 156 kilograms of livestock and equine medications through CleanFARMS' obsolete collection campaign in 2014.

Collections took place at five participating ag-retail and municipal locations in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island regions of the province from October 15 – October 23, 2014. This is the fourth collection program CleanFARMS, a national, industry-led waste stewardship organization, has run in the province.

This marked the first time that a combined collection of...
02 March 2015

Legal Petition Pushes Gov. Brown For Emergency Fracking Moratorium After Oil Waste Illegally Dumped into California Aquifers
Over 150 community, environmental and health groups press governor for urgent action amid revelations of aquifer contamination, benzene in fracking wastewater

SACRAMENTO - After California officials admitted allowing hundreds of oil industry disposal wells to illegally inject wastewater into protected aquifers, more than 150 environmental and community groups filed a legal petition today pushing Gov. Jerry Brown to use his emergency powers to place...
02 March 2015
York County Landowners Win Injunction to Halt Eminent Domain for TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline

Eminent domain now halted throughout Nebraska for est. 12-18 months as LB 1161 constitutional issues return to Nebraska Supreme Court

York, NE — The District Court in York County, Nebraska on Thursday granted local landowners' motion for a preliminary injunction to halt TransCanada's use of eminent domain to take their land for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

This legal process surrounding the pipeline's route in Nebraska could go on for anywhere from 12-18 months,...
25 February 2015

Nelson, British Columbia

A Provincial Court Judge has ruled that the BC Government will face charges in relation to Lemon Creek fuel spill.

33,000 litres of jet fuel was discharged into Lemon Creek and entered the Slocan River and Kootenay River killing fish and harming aquatic ecology on July 26, 2013. Charges were laid under the Fisheries Act against the Provincial Government and  Executive Flight Fuel Services Ltd by long time resident Marilyn Burgoon. However, before a summons can be issued, the evidence must be reviewed by a judge.

On November 27, 2014 the court...
25 February 2015

Consumer Group Calls on BC Premier to Review Nestlé’s Water Rates to Protect Canada’s Water Supply

BRITISH COLUMBIA --  More than 78,000 people across Canada, including more than 35,900 from British Columbia, have signed onto a new petition by, a global consumer watchdog - after the BC government announced that it will be charging Nestlé a mere $2.25 per 1 million gallons of clean, drinking water extracted from Canada - to be sold for profit.  


The petition, which has been...
25 February 2015

The Provinces Can’t and Shouldn’t Go It Alone on Fighting Climate Change

Quebec City – Today, representatives of a number of First Nation, labour, environmental and social justice groups announced a massive march to combat the growing climate crisis. The march is set to take place on April 11th, the Saturday before Canada’s premiers meet in Quebec City to discuss what provinces can do to combat climate change.  Act on Climate, a coalition of environmental, student, union, First Nations, and grassroots organizers anticipate thousands of Canadians from coast to coast...
25 February 2015
Groups celebrate the veto of this misguided legislation, call for an outright rejection of Keystone XL

This afternoon, shortly after it hit his desk, President Obama vetoed misguided legislation that would have forced approval of the controversial proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Keystone XL opponents applauded the president’s swift and decisive move to protect his authority to make a decision on the pipeline, and expressed confidence that he will reject the pipeline outright since it is clearly not in the national interest.

Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club...
23 February 2015
An old fishing trawler has been given another shot in Norway, where it resides anchored offshore in the area of Stadthavet and plays the role of a wave power plant. It is the product of a project which aims for larger, purpose-built vessels to transform wave motion into useful electricity.

Norway's Kvernevik Engineering AS leads the project, even though the primary concept for the first fishing boat conversion belongs to Geir Arne Solheim, who is the founder of wave power company (and joint-project partner) Havkraft AS.
23 February 2015

The ZERO WASTE INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE (ZWIA) adopts comprehensive Zero Waste Hierarchy.

The Zero Waste Hierarchy describes a progression of policies and strategies to support the Zero Waste system, from highest and best to lowest use of materials. It is designed to be applicable to all audiences, from policy makers to industry and the individual. It aims to provide greater depth for internationally- recognized 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle); to encourage policy, activity and investment at the top of the hierarchy, and to provide guide for those who develop systems or...
23 February 2015
Sensors at the Fukushima nuclear plant have detected a fresh leak of highly radioactive water to the sea, the plant's operator announced on Sunday, highlighting difficulties in decommissioning the crippled plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said the sensors, which were rigged to a gutter that pours rain and ground water at the Fukushima Daiichi plant to a nearby bay, detected contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already high radioactive status seen at the plant campus.
19 February 2015
Ombudsperson reviews Riparian Areas Regulations

Photo: Steve Clegg (white) and members of the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition donated their time Saturday Oct. 15, 2011,  to help restore riparian areas alongside the Hope Slough in Chilliwack.

Ombudsperson Kim Carter has released an update to recommendations made in Striking a Balance: The Challenges of Using a Professional Reliance Model in Environmental Protection – British Columbia’s Riparian Areas Regulation.

The update reflects implementation actions up to December 2014. Carter says the...
18 February 2015

VICTORIA – The BC Government surpluses are built by overcharging customers through Crown corporations, while the richest British Columbians are getting a break from the government, says the union representing workers at ICBC and BC Hydro.

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378 (COPE 378) says the current and projected surpluses are made possible by payments into provincial coffers by ICBC and BC Hydro.

“BC Hydro rates are spiking upwards, and our utility is straining under deferred debt and costs for capital projects,” said COPE 378 President David...
15 February 2015
ZERO WASTE CANADA continues to grow as an organization committed to creating a world without waste. As a not-for-profit, ZERO WASTE CANADA is moving forward with steps to effectively promote ZERO WASTE solutions to citizens and government.

ZERO WASTE CANADA is building an Advisory board to give professional and knowledgeable advice to the organization in their individual fields of expertise. Our advisers can help with facts, statistics, philosophy and tactics, as well as represent Zero Waste Canada on specific areas of expertise. Advisory board members are all supporters of ZERO WASTE...
13 February 2015

February 13, 2015. Ottawa. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)
and the Society for a GE Free BC are raising the alarm after learning that
the US government has approved the first genetically modified (GM) apple.

“The Canadian market needs to remain closed to this GM apple,” said Lucy
Sharratt of CBAN. “Health Canada should not approve this apple. Consumers
and farmers simply don’t want it on the market.”

The small BC company Okanagan Specialty Fruits owns the GM apple which is
genetically modified (also called genetically engineered) to not turn brown
after being...
13 February 2015
Organizers Float Banners Saying “Don’t Bank on the Tar Sands” Ahead of Global Divestment Day

(Toronto, ON) At 9:30 this morning dozens of people descended on the opening of the Toronto Stock Exchange to highlight the climate and financial risk of fossil fuel investments. They floated banners reading “Don’t Bank on Tar Sands - Divest Fossil Fuels Now” and occupied the TSX front office. The action comes on the eve of Global Divestment Day, an international day of action calling for fossil fuel divestment. There are over 350 actions planned across the globe.

“Fossil fuel projects like the...
11 February 2015
The Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund is receiving applications for funding this quarter up to Monday, February 16, 2015

If you are interested in applying, please contact Barb Everdene or Andrew Gage.

Barb Everdene:

Andrew Gage:

This month we launched our new and improved Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF). As many of you know, this past year we have taken time to evaluate and reflect. At the end of the day we decided to focus our funding on a niche only we can fill—community-led cases—selecting for, and investing in, groups that are...
05 February 2015
Is Norwegian current aquaculture crisis, sneak preview for BC fish farming industry?

One month ago, on January 10, 2015, the Norwegian coast was hit by a hurricane. After the storm, the first sport fishermen in the fjords near the west coast city of Bergen got a nasty surprise. Schools of farmed steelhead (sea run rainbow trout) escaped from damaged fish farms were visible from the surface. They were so numerous, NRK national news, reported the fjords of Western Norway were boiling with farmed rainbow trout on the run.

The sports fishermen immediately realized that these non-native...
05 February 2015

Compliance Coal Corporation: 29,000 ha. of fee simple coal tenure. Bear Coal Deposit coal tenure - 2,046 ha.  Anderson Lake coal license tenure 1,500 ha. 

Golden River Resources:  11,325 ha. in coal license applications

Skyland Resource: 11,550 ha. in coal license applications

Hillsborough Resources: 2,546 ha. in coal license applications and coal tenures.

Total amount: 57,967 hectares or 580 square kilometres. 

Total land area in the Comox Valley Regional District - 1,725 square kilometres. 

Coal license applications and existing coal...
05 February 2015
BC exporting raw logs and jobs at record levels

VICTORIA – The controversial practice of raw log exports – shipping unprocessed tree trunks overseas without adding any value here in BC – has reached all-time record levels in the last few years.

The most recent data from BC Stats indicates that 2013 was the record year for raw log exports, with a staggering 6.6 million cubic metres (m3) of timber sent abroad (one cubic metre roughly equals one city telephone pole). That is more than six times the amount that was being exported in the mid-1990s, when raw log exports averaged less than one...
03 February 2015
Raven Coal Mine proposal should stay buried, says Wilderness Committee

VICTORIA – The application for a new coal mine on central Vancouver Island has been re-submitted, more than a year and a half after it was rejected by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The proposal for the Raven Coal Mine has now entered a 30-day screening period to determine whether it contains all information required by the EAO.

This is as far as the project made it when the original application was rejected by regulators in spring 2013. During the previous screening process, the EAO found the...
03 February 2015


Cease And Desist Letters Sent To GNC, Target, Walgreens And Walmart As Most Store Brand Supplements Were Found To Contain Contaminants Not Identified On Ingredient Labels; Just 21% Of Supplement Tests Identified DNA From Plant Species Listed On Labels. Schneiderman: Mislabeled Consumer Products Pose Unacceptable Health Hazards.

NEW YORK -- Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that his office sent...
02 February 2015
B.C. Government “Removes” 113 Documents from Mount Polley Disaster Panel Investigation Website

On Friday January 30, 2015, after four months of deliberation, including the review of almost a thousand documents, the BC government’s appointed expert panel released its limited report findings and recommendations concerning the Mount Polley mine tailings disaster. It is the first of three separate investigations on the tailings disaster, one of the largest-by-volume in world history.

Accompanying the report, the government released 734 of...
02 February 2015

Groups Condemn US for Bowing to Industry, Ignoring Widespread Public Opposition

New York (29 Jan. 2015) ­– Groups from around the world [1] today joined together to denounce the US government for allowing the first genetically engineered tree, a loblolly pine, to be legalized with no government or public oversight, with no assessment of their risks to the public or the environment, and without regard to overwhelming public opposition to GE trees.
30 January 2015

Following Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod's announcement yesterday of a year-long feasibility study looking at an energy, communications and transportation corridor up the Mackenzie Valley, which could include a tar sands pipeline to the Arctic, Jessica Wilson, head of Greenpeace Canada Arctic campaign, said:

“The oil industry may be desperate, but that doesn’t mean we should let them do something foolish. A tar sands pipeline to the Arctic Ocean would have to contend with shifting permafrost while oil tankers would need to navigate the remote, hazardous, and icy...
30 January 2015
It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: You buy a home, move in, then find out there’s an abandoned gas well beneath, leaking and contaminating your property.

Think it can’t happen to you? It can. According to the Energy Resources Conservation Board in November 2012 over 150,000 abandoned wellsites dotted the Alberta landscape, making it essential that buyers do their homework.

“These nightmares happen because of gaps between what Albertans should know, could know and actually do know about their environment,” says Adam Driedzic, Staff Counsel and author of a new Environmental Law Centre...
28 January 2015

Following the disclosure of the cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual Arctic trips by a Toronto Star report, Jessica Wilson, Head of Greenpeace Canada’s Arctic campaign, said:

"How depressingly ironic that as Harper is billing Canadian taxpayers $3.4 million for his PR trips to the Arctic, some of our northernmost communities are scrounging for food in dumpsters. If our prime minister truly cared about making Arctic prosperity his legacy, he would take that money and put it back into the communities that need it, and focus on protecting this region from destructive...
28 January 2015
Northern Dene Trappers Alliance To Hold Meeting at Camp in Response to Uranium and Oil Sands Exploration on Dene Nene

A call has gone out all over the land for people to come to the Trapper’s humble Camp 11 km north of LaLoche, Saskatchewan on Hwy #955 for a Big Meeting to share concerns and plan what to do about the rush to explore and develop uranium and oil sands mining projects in Dene Nene. The meeting is scheduled for January 29, 30, and 31, 2015.

Both these industries have real and serious impacts on the land, water and lives of northern people. Contrary to industry claims of...
28 January 2015

20 Years of unanswered questions on genetic modification in Canada

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) has launched a major public investigation to dig behind 20 years of uncertainty around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and farming in Canada. The project will be called GMO Inquiry 2015.

“We’re stepping up with our own inquiry because our government doesn’t track the impacts of GM crops and foods in Canada,” said CBAN Coordinator Lucy Sharratt. “Our government doesn’t even tell us where GMOs are on our grocery store shelves. After 20 years of...
26 January 2015
At the annual Goed Geld Gala (Good Money Gala) in Amsterdam on January 26th, Sea Shepherd received the biggest donation (8.3 million Euros) in its history. Sea Shepherd’s submitted Dream Project Stop Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean was awarded with the required funds to make this dream a reality. Sea Shepherd will use the donation to build a new ship, which will enable the organization to be more effective than ever in the fight against poaching on the high seas.

Since 2002, Sea Shepherd has been confronting illegal whalers and illegal fishermen in the waters surrounding...
23 January 2015

Despite the BAPE (Quebec's bureau of environmental hearings) report published in December, the oil lobby continues to try to convince the population and the government to invest time and money in the infrastructures of an obsolete technology; this is true, not only for Quebec, but also in Canada and the rest of the world. Amongst other things, the Energy Board believes that the TransCanada Energy East pipeline is desirable (1). Instead of holding on to the past, why not immediately invest in the green technologies of the future?

This debate surrounding the TransCanada Energy East...
21 January 2015

Slaughtering wolves from helicopters, transplanting healthy animals to areas that little viable habitat left, where they are quickly killed by predators: some of our smallest and most endangered herds of Mountain Caribou are receiving intensive efforts to boost their numbers. Brutal or desperate, hotly protested or widely lauded, these quick fixes create an appearance of vigorous action to save the caribou; but they are disguising the widespread failure of BC’s Recovery Plan — and the equal failure of the BC Government to correct the...
19 January 2015
Supporters will gather to defend the right to speak out for the environment

The Wilderness Committee will appear in court beginning Monday, January 19th to defend against a defamation lawsuit brought by Taseko Mines Ltd.

What: Wilderness Committee staff will be joined by friends and supporters outside the courthouse to send a message to the mining industry: Canadians deserve the right to speak out on matters affecting our environment. Speakers will address some of the mining issues we face today, as well as the importance of public participation in democratic decision-making.

Why: In...
16 January 2015

Top North American seafood organizations have given a stamp of approval for the first time to several of B.C.’s groundfish fisheries. Today’s recommendations from the U.S. Monterey Bay Aquarium’s (MBA) Seafood Watch Program and Canada’s SeaChoice program, combined with earlier Marine Stewardship Council recommendations, mean that over 88 per cent of groundfish caught in Canada’s Pacific waters can be recommended to consumers. Six years ago, the same organizations recommended avoiding most of the fish caught by the province’s largest fishery.

“This has been a remarkable...
11 January 2015
13 years on, BC Finance Ministry finds big problems with its public private partnership program

The BC Finance Ministry has produced a report much more critical of Partnerships BC and its activities around public private partnerships (P3s) than might have been expected by a province so committed to the practice. It raises issues of conflict of interest, dubious practices and questionable assumptions in the multi-billion dollar program. The story has received no media coverage.

While it is likely the province will continue to push P3s with undiminished enthusiasm for large projects, the...
08 January 2015
New Report Finds Forest Certification Program Misleads Consumers

SFI program lacks rigour and is less transparent than FSC

Today ForestEthics released Peeling Back the Eco-Labels, a report comparing the rigour of forest audits conducted in Canada by the two leading forest certification systems: the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).  The report found that the SFI certification program has serious flaws in comparison to FSC.

“Corporate customers and the public rely on forest certifications to know that the paper, fiber, and lumber they...
07 January 2015
Protesters against the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline have set up a new camp to demonstrate their opposition to the proposed expansion of the project.

In November, more than 100 people were arrested at Burnaby Mountain while protesting the company's exploratory work in the area.

Now, Kinder Morgan's equipment is gone, but a small group of opponents has vowed to continue to fight the project.

Just after Christmas, the group set up a camp outside the entrance of Kinder Morgan's Westridge Marine Terminal.

"This is the same thing that was going on on Burnaby...
06 January 2015
Mobilization of “old carbon” comparable to effects of burning fossil fuels

A new study, co-authored by Trent University Biology professor Dr. Marguerite Xenopoulos, and published in the new issue of Nature Geoscience, has found that human disturbance to land is causing the release of “old carbon” into rivers and waterways, the negative effects of which are equated to the burning of fossil fuels.

“Soils store carbon over long periods of time. However, new research suggests that the effects of human land-use such as urban development and intensive agriculture and monocultures —are...
01 January 2015
Tanker Free BC is proud to announce that veteran environmental campaigner Ben West is now the organization’s Executive Director.

“Ben has worked passionately for many years against tar sands pipelines and tankers expansion, and he’s the perfect person to lead us into 2015 as we ramp up our campaigns during this critical year,” said Tanker Free BC founder and Chairperson Rex Weyler.

Tanker Free BC was founded in 2009 in response to one of the biggest pipeline companies in the world, Houston-based Kinder Morgan, planning to use the west coast of Canada for its tar sands oil shipping port...
30 December 2014
Decades of organizing and protest rewarded!

Today, thanks to decades of citizen organizing and protest; the wise backing of the elected officials of the State of Vermont; the attempted deception of Vermont Yankee owners, Entergy, whose representatives even lied under oath; and the hopeless economics of nuclear power, the Vermont Yankee reactor has shut down permanently.

The lights will not go out. In fact, the New England electric grid operator knew two years ago that permanently closing Vermont Yankee would not affect regional grid stability.

In a statement, Vermont governor, Peter...
27 December 2014
heat-exchange system
Island First Nation hopes to harvest ocean’s heat for community development. A $40,000 study is underway to assess thermal energy system.

From the rocky shores of Beecher Bay near Metchosin on Vancouver Island, the Pacific Ocean may appear cold and forbidding, but the Sci’anew First Nation and Trust for Sustainable Development Inc. are musing whether it has the energy to heat a new community development.

The trust and Sci’anew, also known as Cheanu, are partners in a proposed new town development called Spirit Bay, where they are proposing to build a thermal energy plant that would use...
27 December 2014

Judge Orders Charges to Proceed Against BC Government in Fuel Spill Case

A Provincial Court Judge has ruled that the BC Government and Executive Flight Centre Fuel Services Ltd. will face charges in relation to the Lemon Creek fuel spill.

33,000 litres of jet fuel was discharged into Lemon Creek and entered the Slocan River and Kootenay River killing fish and harming aquatic ecology on July 26, 2013. Charges were laid under the Fisheris Act against the Provincial Government and  Executive Flight Fuel Services Ltd by long time resident Marilyn Burgoon. However, before a...
27 December 2014

Dear Friends,

Premier Christy Clark may think that she’s moving on with Site C, but she’s hugely mistaken. This battle to save the Peace River Valley from this unnecessary and destructive project is far from over!

Five, soon to be 6 lawsuits have been launched against the federal and provincial governments with regard to Site C. The cases are solid and will set important precedents in environmental assessment in Canada. We are not finished yet!

We are going to continue to work to support Treaty 8 First Nations and Peace Valley Landowners as they proceed with their...
16 December 2014

Union of BC Indian Chiefs rejects Provincial decision regarding the controversial Site C Hydroelectric dam 

This afternoon, BC Premier Christy Clark announced the Province has officially approved and will move ahead with the controversial 8.5 billion dollar Site C hydroelectric project. This project will construct a dam and operate an 1100 megawatt hydroelectric station on the Peace River in northeast BC.

“This is an ill-advised and incredibly stupid decision the Province has made regarding the Site C Project. BC Hydro has failed to make its case in terms of future energy...
16 December 2014

The BC government’s just-announced decision to build the Site C dam on the Peace River near Fort Saint John will go down as the most expensive mistake in BC’s history, says the Wilderness Committee.

The Site C dam is strongly opposed by Peace Valley landowners and First Nations, as well as downstream First Nations in Alberta – all of whom have recently launched court challenges opposing the dam. Opposition to Site C is widespread, and encompasses both business and environmental concerns.

“The Site C dam project is so damaging to the environment and wasteful of taxpayers funds...
16 December 2014

Canadian Entitlement available as a low-impact and very low-cost alternative

Fort St. John/Treaty 8 Territory – The Treaty 8 Tribal Association (T8TA) is releasing its recently sent letter to Ministers Bennett and de Jong in relation to the need for and alternatives to BC Hydro’s proposed Site C Project.

Consultants working on behalf of the T8TA concluded that, by taking advantage of low-cost resources allowable under the Clean Energy Act, there would be no need for new electricity resources in BC until 2027. Depending on the very uncertain requirements of LNG facilities...
13 December 2014
Pennsylvania Ecosystem Fights Corporation For Rights In Landmark Fracking Lawsuit


For the first time in United States history, an ecosystem — a watershed, to be exact — has filed to defend itself in a lawsuit. The suit aims to reverse a local ban on the injection of fracking wastewater.

Little Mahoning Watershed in Indiana County, Pennsylvania recently filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit to defend its own rights to exist and flourish. But watersheds can’t hire lawyers or speak, so how can one defend its rights, and do watersheds even have rights?

The Little...
11 December 2014
Chef Ned Bell & SeaChoice Create Canada’s First Sustainable Shrimp Ring for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and with this festive time of year comes endless holiday parties with customary foods including the shrimp ring. Unfortunately this traditional party favourite is typically on the SeaChoice red “avoid” naughty list. The shrimp used has ecological impacts and recently, the fish feed used in shrimp farming has even been linked to on board human slavery.   As the notorious shrimp ring is one of the holidays top selling appetizers, Chef Ned Bell and SeaChoice...
10 December 2014

New Study by 5 Gyres Institute Estimates There to be More Than One Quarter Million Tons of Toxic Plastic Pollution Floating in World’s Oceans

The first global estimate of plastic pollution of both micro- and macroplastic floating in every ocean on earth has led researchers to conclude that the smallest and most insidious particles are present throughout the world’s oceans. The new report, published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal,...
10 December 2014
Hurford Hill Nature Park
The Comox Valley Land Trust is a local conservation organization working to conserve the natural wealth of the Comox Valley.  This is accomplished by placing lands in trust for the benefit of the community and through education about the importance of ecosystems and habitats and their relationship to biological diversity.  Healthy landscapes mean better human wealth and health. Do you and your family visit Hurford Hill, Master’s Greenway, Sandwick Forest or Cumberland Forest for recreation and enjoying nature?  The CVLT holds conservation covenants in each of these parks and...
10 December 2014
Hundreds of pronghorn antelope and deer have been killed by trains in Montana this winter after herds gathered on tracks to escape deep snows, a state wildlife official says.

Mark Sullivan, of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, said that a train recently killed about 270 pronghorn antelope near Vandalia in northeastern Montana, and 18 deer were found dead on the tracks by a grain elevator near Chinook.

Many antelope not killed by the impact had be destroyed by Blaine County authorities.

"To hunt and shoot animals is just different than shooting wounded animals like that," Blaine County...
10 December 2014

Today the world’s largest electronics retailer, Best Buy, announced major improvements to its paper supply chain to better protect Canada’s Boreal, Forest, one of the lungs of our planet and a vital buffer against climate change.

During the busiest shopping time of the year the company committed to stronger purchasing standards, paying particular attention to endangered forests and human rights. The move comes less than two weeks into a Greenpeace campaign that mobilized over 52,000 supporters across North America.

“Today, Best Buy is doing better for our forests,” said Shane...
08 December 2014
We know there has been large-scale contamination of non-GE crops by GE crops, now all the details have been recorded in this very interesting scientific study published in the International Journal of Food Contamination:
05 December 2014
New Compact of States and Regions launches emissions reporting for sub-national governments

Signing ceremony on Tuesday, December 9 at 1pm in Lima, Peru

Leading sub-national governments from around the world are stepping up their efforts to address climate change by joining a new Compact of States and Regions. As signatories to the Compact, they will commit to providing an annual account of their greenhouse gas emission targets and reporting progress towards these targets.

The Compact will be formally signed on December 9, 2014, on the sidelines of the UNFCCC conference in Lima, Peru...
05 December 2014

ICYMI: Secretary Jewell on Tribal Opposition to Keystone XL: “They know their lands better than we do”

Last night, when asked about tribal opposition to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would run through Sioux tribal lands in South Dakota, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart:

“I think the fact that tribal nations are standing up and saying, ‘We are concerned about this. We’re concerned about water quality. We’re concerned about tribal sovereignty. We’re concerned about what this pipeline may do for our lands and our rights,” needs to...
03 December 2014
As farmers and gardeners prepare to order seeds
for the 2015 growing season, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network
(CBAN) and Vigilance OGM have published a guide that lists the genetically
modified (GM) sweet corn varieties on the market, in an effort to encourage
more farmers to choose non-GM seeds.

“Farmers and gardeners are thumbing through seed catalogues now, but GM
seeds are not always clearly labelled and some vegetable growers are asking
us how to identify GM seeds,” said Lucy Sharratt of CBAN.

The groups say that vegetable growers need a fair chance to prepare in...
02 December 2014
No Carbon Nation – pathways to sustainable energy

Vancouver, British Columbia - The conceptual framework for climate action is straightforward and applies to all jurisdictions around the world. However, in order to coordinate effective action, and gain political support for it, it’s important that people everywhere be clear on that framework. This is one of the main ideas behind No Carbon Nation: pathways to sustainable energy, an independent documentary released on the internet today.

No Carbon Nation focuses on energy transition, which is the centerpiece of climate policy in...
01 December 2014

Keeper of the Water and Keepers of the Athabasca support the Trappers in La Loche Saskatchewan and also ask other groups, communities and organizations to show their solidarity. We refer you to the original press statement from the Trappers who are peacefully camping on their traditional territory, where they have gained sustenance from Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, since before Treaties.

The Dene people of Ducharme, who have made a living from the land for centuries, have found access totheir trap lines blocked by security gates. Life-long trapper, Don Montgrand, reported, “...
01 December 2014
Weeks after one of the world’s largest (by volume) heavy metals tailings catastrophes struck, smothered and polluted Hazeltine Creek near the western arm of Quesnel Lake, the BC Tap Water Alliance’s Coordinator and author, Will Koop, has released the first investigative report on Imperial Metals Corporation’s tailings dam, which engineers often refer to as a Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). The Scene of the Crime: A Preliminary Analysis and History of the Mount Polley Mine Tailings Storage Facility, provides an assessment from government and company documents probing the history and inner...
01 December 2014

The fundraising campaign took the whole of Québec by surprise, including its founder, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, and the collective of citizen committees behind the campaign, No Spill Over Here! (Coule pas chez nous!). The massive public response to Sunday night’s call-out on the popular Québécois talk show Tout le monde en parle (“Everybody’s talking about it”), which spread to social media, has raised more than $350,000 in three days, seven times the original goal. More than 12,000 donations were received on the site, while No Spill Over Here!...
28 November 2014
"No Pipelines Required": Electric Vehicle Owners and Business Leaders Drive in Solidarity with Burnaby Mountain Protectors

VANCOUVER -- A group of electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and business owners are headed to Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area Friday morning to show solidarity with the hundreds of protesters who have gathered to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline drilling. The event is being organized by small business owner, J-M Toriel, whose company Big Green Island Transportation installs electric charging infrastructure. Toriel said he organized the event because, “We don’t want...
26 November 2014

Clayoquot Action Campaigns Director Will Be Arrested Today Demonstrating Opposition to Kinder Morgan
Clayoquot Supporters Say Pipeline Expansion Threatens West Coast Wilderness, Rainforest.

Burnaby, BC - Imagine an oil spill staining the sands of Long Beach or despoiling the pristine waters of Clayoquot Sound.
The impact of the Kinder Morgan pipeline reaches far beyond Burnaby Mountain and representatives of Clayoquot Action have travelled from Tofino to make sure their message is heard.
Clayoquot Action campaigns director Bonny Glambeck will be arrested midday...
26 November 2014
Today Alison Thompson, Chair and Managing Director of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) released the CanGEA Geothermal Report.  New information and analysis contained in the CanGEA Report demonstrates that geothermal energy is a low cost, clean, viable alternative to the proposed $8 Billion Site C Dam project (“Site C”).   

CanGEA Chair Alison Thompson notes:

Geothermal has the potential to provide firm energy at a lower cost than Site C in a manner that benefits ratepayers, taxpayers, the economy and the environment, not to mention having a carbon...
26 November 2014
The Ontario government announced a plan today to protect bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects from the harmful effects of neonicotinoid, or neonic, pesticides. In a discussion paper posted to the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) registry, the government outlined a strategy to reduce the use of neonic-coated seeds in the province by 80 per cent by 2017.

“Studies have confirmed that neonic pesticides are killing bees, harming a host of insects and wildlife and are accumulating in our fields and waterways,” said David Suzuki Foundation researcher and analyst Lisa Gue. “...
26 November 2014
Controversial drilling for the planned expansion of a pipeline between Alberta and Burnaby is progressing well despite boisterous protests that have led to dozens of arrests, a project spokesperson says.

“There hasn’t been any direct impact from the protests,” Ali Hounsell, of the Trans-Mountain Expansion Project said Monday as the RCMP faced a number of protesters on Burnaby Mountain where exploratory drilling is under way.

“The work itself is not being hampered.”

One 74-year-old woman was arrested after intentionally violating an injunction to keep protesters from interfering with...
26 November 2014
City joins Richmond, The Pas and Vancouver in standing up for citizens’ right to have a say in decisions that impact the people and places they love.

Yesterday, Montreal became the fourth Canadian city to recognize its citizens’ right to live in a healthy environment, passing a municipal declaration that protects clean water, fresh air, healthy food and a say in the decisions that impact people’s health.

“We welcome the commitment of Montreal citizens to recognize their right to a healthy environment,” said Cam Cheema, regional organizer of the Blue Dot campaign in Quebec. “Thanks to...
21 November 2014
Following the recent leak of information about the communication strategy developed by TransCanada firm Edelman, members of Anonymous and STOP pipeline Pétroliques committees say they are not really surprised, but are shocked, to see how TransCanada is willing to do anything to accept the project. "We would have much preferred a frank and open public debate rather than this insidious war," says Anne-Celine Guyon, spokesman for the Grand STOP pipeline Quebec committees, about the intentions of the developer to discredit the groups opposing the project.

The pipeline STOP committees have...
21 November 2014
YVR jet fuel transport arguments in Vancouver Court next week.

Judicial Review Hearing of Decision to Issue Environmental Assessment Certificate will be in British Columbia Supreme Court on November 26, 27, 2014

(Metro Vancouver) The controversial proposal to build a marine terminal and jet fuel storage facility in Richmond, and a pipeline to YVR will go before a judge next week in Vancouver.

On Nov. 26 and 27, 2014, VAPOR and Otto E. Langer will have their application for judicial review heard in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, arguing the public did not have a meaningful...
21 November 2014
RCMP arrest 24 on Burnaby Mountain 

Caretakers call for ongoing solidarity presence, say "This pipeline will not be built"

VANCOUVER - RCMP have arrested at least 24 Burnaby Mountain caretakers and supporters today, as police moved in to remove a long-standing protest presence against Kinder Morgan's pipeline survey crews. 

Arrests include:

- Sut-lut, a Sḵwx̱ú7mesh elder who started the sacred fire onsite

- Kaleb Morrison and Erin Flegg, who have been at the site for months

- Adam Gold, a named defendant in Kinder Morgan's injunction and civil law suit

- A...
20 November 2014
RCMP arrests on Burnaby Mountain will not deter opposition to Kinder Morgan 

Caretakers call for solidarity presence on Burnaby Mountain.

VANCOUVER - RCMP have arrested at least 12 Burnaby Mountain caretakers and supporters today, as police moved in to remove a long-standing protest presence against Kinder Morgan's pipeline survey crews. 

The caretakers have been camped out to stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline geotechnical survey work. Arrests included Kaleb Morrison, Erin Flegg and Adam Gold, who have been on site for months. There is also a tree-sit underway at...
20 November 2014
A couple of days back we blogged that a GE potato has been approved in the US - and now McDonalds have said they won't buy it.

Click here to see the full article at

McDonalds US to their credit also said they won't buy the GE apple which is being developed here in BC.

While in the end we need adequate regulation and testing of any new products, retail campaigns can keep these items off the shelf in the short term.

You can help us stop the GE apple by going to your local grocery store and getting them to commit to not selling it - go to http://gefreebc.wordpress....
18 November 2014

The Senate voted today to reject a bill forcing approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. In spite of heavy pressure from the oil industry’s friends in Congress like Sen. Mary Landrieu, key Senators held strong against the dangerous project, recognizing that the pipeline would not be in our national interest because it would threaten our land, water, and climate while bringing no economic benefit to the American people.

Today’s vote is yet another blow to the pipeline’s prospects, as recent momentum has shifted against approval of the controversial project. Recent polling...
17 November 2014

China will likely be the first country to commercialize clean-coal technology, allowing the nation to capitalize on its coal dependence and direct government influence over industry, the CEO of Houston-based Synthesis Energy Systems said Sunday on Platts Energy Week.

"China will commercialize cleaner coal, probably faster than any other country," said Robert Rigdon, head of Synthesis, which has developed advanced coal-gasification projects at two plants in China. The technology converts low-quality coal into relatively clean, synthetic natural gas and has the ability to capture...
17 November 2014
November 17, 2014 (OTTAWA) More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International. Four of Canada’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) are in danger.

“Boundary Bay IBA is threatened by the growth of Vancouver suburbs, development of the Roberts Bank port, and increasing ship traffic such as oil tankers associated with the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline“ said Fast. ”A tanker oil spill near Boundary Bay would be catastrophic for birds and marine mammals. That’s why Nature Canada is...
17 November 2014
shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation Announces the Protection of Mount Elphinstone

Sechelt, BC -This year we celebrated the twenty-eighth year of Self-Government. In the last twenty-eight years our Nation has grown exponentially, as have our collaborative working relationships with local governments. As we have done since time immemorial, we are out on the land using and regulating the use of our lands. We are building on the work we have done and articulating our governance and regulatory regime to others seeking to live and work in our territory. Since achieving Self-Government, we have sought to...
15 November 2014

In response to today’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to authorize the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal president announced that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) recognizes the authorization of the this pipeline as an act of war.

The tribe has done its part to remain peaceful in its dealing with the United States in this matter, in spite of the fact that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has yet to be properly consulted on the project, which would cross through tribal land, and the concerns brought to the Department of Interior and to the...
13 November 2014
GE Free BC wrote to about 600 candidates in the upcoming municipal elections, and we have posted the responses we got on our blog!

Almost 100% of the candidates that responded said no to GE crops and animals! We know from the 2013 Union of BC Municipalities resolution asking the Provincial government to ban GE crops and animals that municipal level can make strong statements in favour of sustainable agriculture and against GE. And we now have 15 individual municipal level GE Free zones in BC, including Richmond and North Vancouver.

If you want to make a difference in your municipality,...
07 November 2014

Bruce Hyer, Green Party Deputy Leader to Hold Nuclear Waste Townhalls in Communities across Northwestern Ontario 

OTTAWA November 7, 2014 — Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader of the Green Party and MP for Thunder Bay – Superior North will be hosting a series of town hall meetings across Northwestern Ontario beginning Sunday, November 9 to November 14, 2014.


The event is an opportunity for residents to make their voices heard on the proposal by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to transport or bury nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario. Proposed sites...
07 November 2014
Lack of Consultation "Shocking"

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Nov. 5, 2014) - Citing a grave lack of consultation and massive damage to salmon habitat, First Nations throughout the Skeena Watershed have declared their opposition to the proposed Petronas LNG project on Lelu Island, in the heart of the Skeena Estuary.

Chief Malii or Glen Williams, President and Chief Negotiator for the Gitanyow First Nation, said "When BC, the Prince Rupert Port Authority and Petronas sited a massive LNG development on the Skeena River's most critical salmon habitat, they created the legal...
05 November 2014

Make no mistake, drugs are big business, even the behind-the-counter kind. Last year, the B.C. government spent $1.2 billion on PharmaCare. To put that sum in context: that's more money than the budgets of the Ministry of Agriculture, Energy and Mines, Environment, International Trade, Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, and Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services combined.

With stakes like that it's no surprise that big pharma is a generous donor to the B.C. Liberal party.

Since 2005, twenty of some of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms have donated at least $468,...
05 November 2014

Water use across the country reached its lowest recorded level in nearly 45 years. According to a new USGS report, about 355 billion gallons of water per day (Bgal/d) were withdrawn for use in the entire United States during 2010.

This represents a 13 percent reduction of water use from 2005 when about 410 Bgal/d were withdrawn and the lowest level since before 1970.

“Reaching this 45-year low shows the positive trends in conservation that stem from improvements in water-use technologies and management,” said Mike Connor, deputy secretary of the...
05 November 2014
More than 110,000 people have told Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) not to register flupyradifurone, Bayer's latest bee-killing pesticide.

Over the past three weeks, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, David Suzuki Foundation and spearheaded a campaign to inform the public of the opportunity to submit formal comments to the PMRA.

"We shared the facts about flupyradifurone, and the response has been incredible," said Paul Ferris, of “Over 110,000 Canadians sent a clear message to PMRA: Protect the bees.”

The PMRA proposed approving...
05 November 2014

A new USGS report describes how advanced optical sensor technology is being used in the Mississippi River basin to accurately track the nitrate pulse to the Gulf of Mexico.

Excessive springtime nitrate runoff from agricultural land and other sources in the Mississippi drainage flows into the Mississippi River and downstream to the Gulf of Mexico. This excess nitrate contributes to the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, an area with low oxygen known commonly as the "dead zone." NOAA-supported researchers reported that the summer 2014 dead zone covered about 5,052 square...
03 November 2014
Metro FileAn excavator is covered in oil after a pipeline was punctured in Burnaby on July 24, 2007.

An alarming email from high-ranking Ministry of Environment staff proves the province is unprepared to deal with a major environmental disaster, says the NDP’s environment critic.

Email correspondence (see full email below) between Graham Knox, the director of B.C.’s Environmental Emergency Program, and Jim Hofweber, executive director of the Environmental Emergencies and Land Remediation Branch, on March 31, 2014 expose gaping holes in the province’s ability to monitor and respond to...
03 November 2014
The Government of Panama has fined the company AquaBounty for breaching numerous national environmental laws during its ongoing research and development of a genetically modified (GM) Atlantic salmon. The GM fish eggs were shipped from Canada, provoking fears of environmental contamination in both countries.

“This is an incredibly risky technology that threatens the future of wild Atlantic salmon,” said Lucy Sharratt of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN), “These corporate violations expose how easy it would be for containment of this GM fish to fail.”

The small US company...
03 November 2014
The Wilderness Committee is proud to announce that Port Coquitlam conservationist Don Gillespie is the winner of the 2014 Eugene Rogers Environmental Award, for his outstanding volunteer efforts over the past several decades to clear hiking trails into endangered wilderness areas in southwest BC.

Since 1992, the Eugene Rogers Award has been presented to individuals recognized by the Wilderness Committee for their exceptional contributions to environmental protection in British Columbia. The award is granted once a year at the Wilderness Committee’s Annual General Meeting, along with a $1,...
30 October 2014
We are really excited today to be releasing new analysis (along with the great team at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis) that, for the first time, quantifies the impact our movement is having on the tar sands industry in terms of carbon kept in the ground and in terms of material financial risk public accountability campaigns are driving. See the new report here: 

The results are pretty impressive. The bottom line is that this diverse, committed, and talented movement is keeping carbon in the ground, and generating an...
30 October 2014
Peace Valley Landowner Association Launches First of Two Court Challenges to Provincial and Federal Environmental Approvals for $8 Billion Site C Dam.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Today, the Peace Valley Landowner Association (PVLA) announced that they have served a Petition for Judicial Review on the Ministers of Environment and of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The petition asks the BC Supreme Court to quash the provincial Environmental Assessment Certificate granted October 14, 2014 to BC Hydro for the Site C Dam Project.

Next week, PVLA will launch a second...
29 October 2014
ForestEthics Advocacy is supporting the efforts of citizens pursuing a legal challenge to restrictions on the National Energy Board’s hearings into the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. The legal challenge has now been officially filed with the Federal Court of Appeals.

The plaintiffs contend that, following sweeping legislation introduced two years ago by the federal government, the National Energy Board Act has unduly restricted public comment on pipeline proposals and is unconstitutional. They are also challenging National Energy Board rules which prevent any discussion of climate change...
29 October 2014
Tar Sands Producers Face a Growing ‘Constellation of Risks’ as Public Opposition Hits Industry’s Bottom Line; $31 Billion in Lost Revenues to date; Tar Sands Expansion Unlikely to Proceed as Protests Mount   

Washington, Oct. 29, 2014 — A new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Oil Change International quantifies for the first time the financial and carbon impact of public opposition to pipelines and other expanded investment in tar sands production. 

The report, “Material Risks: How Public Accountability Is Slowing Tar...
22 October 2014
This proposed regulation would impact all coastal provinces; Federal regulation of fresh water aquaculture ignored

(OTTAWA, ON, Oct 22, 2014) Proposed regulations for the aquaculture industry do not deliver on the responsibilities of Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ (DFO) to protect wild fish, fish habitat and Canadian fishery waters from the negative impacts of aquaculture, according to Friends of the Earth Canada (FOE Canada), the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and independent biologist, Alexandra Morton. In their joint submission, the groups take the unusual measure of...
14 October 2014
Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes.

The new generation batteries also have a long lifespan of over 20 years, more than 10 times compared to existing lithium-ion batteries.

This breakthrough has a wide-ranging impact on all industries, especially for electric vehicles, where consumers are put off by the long recharge times and its limited battery life.

With this new technology by NTU, drivers of electric vehicles could save tens of thousands on battery replacement...
08 October 2014
Totem pole being erected.
The singing of songs in the ancient tongue along with the thumping of native drums echoed across the sparkling waters of Fish Lake (Teztan Biny) in the BC Chilcotin (Tsilhqot’in) on the October 4th weekend as some 250 people braved the bumpy mountain road to celebrate the commemoration ceremony of the new Dasiqox (Taseko) Tribal Park of some 800,000 acres. The Tsilhqot’in name is Nexwagwez?an meaning there for us. Combined with the five adjacent large provincial parks the Tribal Park is intended to link at a broader landscape level. The total area now protected is as great and significant for...
07 October 2014
Columbus, Ohio—Is it a solar cell? Or a rechargeable battery?

Actually, the patent-pending device invented at The Ohio State University is both: the world’s first solar battery.

In the October 3, 2014 issue of the journal Nature Communications, the researchers report that they’ve succeeded in combining a battery and a solar cell into one hybrid device.

Key to the innovation is a mesh solar panel, which allows air to enter the battery, and a special process for transferring electrons between the solar panel and the battery electrode. Inside the device, light and oxygen enable...
29 September 2014
Late on Friday afternoon Yinka Dene Alliance nations Nadleh Whut’en and Nak’azdli got the “green light” from the Federal Court of Appeal to proceed with their constitutional challenge to the Enbridge tankers and pipelines project. Our Enbridge court challenge will now proceed alongside multiple lawsuits brought by First Nations, by conservation groups and by Canada’s largest private sector union.

Together we remain the wall of opposition that Enbridge cannot break.

Lawyers in the Enbridge legal challenges are collaborating closely for maximum impact, and citizens across the province are...
29 September 2014
Photo: Harvest the Hope

The "Harvest the Hope" concert featuring headliners Willie Nelson and Neil Young took place on Sept. 27, 2014 at the Tanderup farm near Neligh, NE, which lies directly in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline, and also crosses the Ponca Trail of Tears.

Proceeds from the event will go to Bold Nebraska, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance, to fund the ongoing fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, and small, community-based clean energy projects on farms and tribal lands.

Details on the concert:
26 September 2014
British Columbia owes a debt of gratitude to the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).

For years civic governments and citizens have asked the Province to undertake detailed needs assessments of what ferry dependent communities want and need from BC Ferries.  Steadfastly refusing to do so, the government imposed excessive fare increases and service cuts. 

Empirically, ferry dependent communities felt the damage of provincial policies but lacked the statistics to make a strong case for a different BC Ferries mandate, until now. 

A new UBCM commissioned study...
24 September 2014
Nitaskinan, Quebec - September 23, 2014 – Intended as the natural next step and logical continuation of its September 8, 2014 declaration of sovereignty, the Atikamekw (indigenous inhabitants of the upper Saint-Maurice River valley of Quebec) announced today that no future forestry operations will be permitted on its territory without the securing of its full consent. 

The Atikamekw are seeking to use the auditing period currently underway for the re-registration of companies operating on Atikamekw Opitciwan territory to the Forestry Management Systems (as required by the...
24 September 2014
Dear Prime Minister Harper,
Dear President Barroso,
With this letter we would like to express our serious concern over provisions in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) that could undermine the environment, worker's rights, public services and consumer standards, and the democratic fabric upon which our countries are based.

Within the CETA, extra-judicial investor rights through ISDS would provide multinational corporations the right to sue governments if laws or regulations are introduced that cause them loss of profits. This...
23 September 2014
For the past three months Suncor has been transporting diluted bitumen from the tar sands in northern Alberta to a storage facility at Sorel-Tracy, which is located at the confluence of the Richelieu River and the St. Lawrence River just east of Montreal.

Their plan is to continue to transport oil by rail to this port and to fill 20 to 30 tankers a year that would travel on the St. Lawrence River to export markets.

On Sunday September 21, the 250-metre long, 44 metre-side Minerva Gloria arrived at Sorel-Tracy. It will be the first oil tanker to carry diluted bitumen from the tar sands...
22 September 2014
Washington, D.C. (September 18, 2014): The Department of Energy (DOE) proposed new efficiency standards today that would slash commercial rooftop air conditioner energy use by about 30%. The proposed standards would achieve the largest national energy savings of any standard ever issued by the U.S. Department of Energy.

"DOE's new standards are a breath of cool air for businesses since air conditioners account for about 10 percent of a typical commercial building's electricity cost," said Steve Nadel, executive director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. "The new...
21 September 2014
Activists from across the United States and Canada come together to call for a moratorium on dangerous, polluting tar sands expansion projects

As tens of thousands of people gathered in New York City this weekend for the largest demonstration for climate action in history, representatives from communities across the United States and Canada joined together to march as a “Tar Sands Bloc” to make their voices heard in opposition to continued expansion of tar sands, one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuel sources on the planet.

In addition to being a disaster for the climate, and...
16 September 2014
The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) and national affiliate Zero Waste Canada are holding a three-day Zero Waste Conference in Nanaimo, British Columbia October 2-4, 2014.  ZWIA was formed in 2002 to establish worldwide standards for Zero Waste.  ZWIA’s definition says Zero Waste means no burning, no burying and no emissions to air, water or land. This is the only peer-reviewed definition internationally accepted by worldwide environmental, recycling and Zero Waste leaders.

If you agree that Zero Waste is important, and that ZWIA has laid out...
15 September 2014
BURNABY, BC  Saturday, September 13, 2013 -  We are taking action today to honour the 13 trees that US based pipeline company Kinder Morgan illegally cut down in the Burnaby Mountain conservation area on unceded Coast Salish Territory. We stand in solidarity with the Tsleil-Waututh who have launched a legal challenge against the unlawful conduct of the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Crown concerning Kinder Morgan. As a penalty to Kinder Morgan, we, the people, will be here locked to the main gate of the Westridge Marine Terminal for one hour for each of the 13 trees. 13...
11 September 2014
VANCOUVER - September 11, 2014  The Wilderness Committee's office in Vancouver broke into wild cheers as reports appeared today about the upcoming designation of a new tribal park in Tsilhqot’in Nation territory.

"This is incredible news," said Joe Foy, Wilderness Committee National Campaign Director.

Foy was referring to a news report today describing the designation of the Dasiqox Tribal Park in Tsilhqot'in territory, located west of Williams Lake, BC. 

"This is an extremely important wild area, and its protection will have a long-lasting positive impact on the...
03 September 2014
VANCOUVER – The City of Burnaby says on Tuesday morning workers from Kinder Morgan arrived in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area with chainsaws and tree-cutting equipment and started marking trees for removal.

The company is conducting survey work for the pipeline they are proposing to build between Alberta and Burnaby.

However, the city has now directed Kinder Morgan to stop work in this area.

“I think it’s unfortunate that it has come to this,” said Mayor Derek Corrigan in a press release. “But we can’t let Kinder Morgan cut down trees and do irreparable damage in a...
29 August 2014
Six years into a natural gas boom, Pennsylvania has for the first time released details of 243 cases in which companies prospecting for oil or gas were found by state regulators to have contaminated private drinking water wells.

The Department of Environmental Protection on Thursday posted online links to the documents since the agency conducted a “thorough review” of paper files stored among its regional offices. The Associated Press and other news outlets have filed lawsuits and numerous open-records requests during the past several years seeking records of investigations into gas-...
29 August 2014
Sierra Club Canada Foundation is calling for a provincial ban on fracking based on the outcomes of a public review on fracking, released today. Click here to download the review

“This report makes it clear that fracking cannot proceed safely, and that the people of Nova Scotia are deeply concerned about its impacts on their health and communities, “ according to Gretchen Fitzgerald, Campaigns Director of the Atlantic Chapter.

“We are calling on the province of Nova Scotia to act immediately to draft a moratorium on fracking,” states John Bennett, National Program Director, Sierra Club...
29 August 2014
VICTORIA – Master carver Jewell Praying Wolf James and other members of the Lummi Nation will begin the Canadian portion of a newly-carved totem pole’s journey from South Dakota to its new home near the tar sands.

James and his group are raising awareness of fossil fuel threats to the Salish Sea by transporting the totem through communities impacted by tar sands and coal extraction and export in South Dakota, Montana, Washington, British Columbia, and Alberta. Their final destination is the Beaver Lake Cree First Nation in northern Alberta, where the totem pole will be raised, September 7...
24 August 2014

August 22, 2014

Water Plan Needed for Vancouver Island 
From Watershed Assessments to Cross-Jurisdictional Partnerships

CEDAR – “Increasing droughts will impact the Island’s economy and ecological systems,” says Laurie Gourlay. “The quality of life for Islanders requires all levels of government to get in front of this issue and take a serious look at how we can work together to secure a Vancouver Island water plan.”

The president of the Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society wants governments at all levels to develop a plan that will address water shortages...
20 August 2014
The sweet and salty aroma of sunscreen and seawater signals a relaxing trip to the shore. But scientists are now reporting that the idyllic beach vacation comes with an environmental hitch. When certain sunblock ingredients wash off skin and into the sea, they can become toxic to some of the ocean's tiniest inhabitants, which are the main course for many other marine animals. Their study appears in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Antonio Tovar-Sanchez and David Sánchez-Quiles point out that other than staying indoors, slathering on sunscreen is currently the best...
15 August 2014
WINNIPEG, August 15, 2014 - The Wilderness Committee is celebrating a major win today, as Omnitrax announced they would no longer be pursuing their plan to ship crude oil by rail through the northern Manitoba port of Churchill and by ship through Hudson Bay.

"Northern Manitobans and Wilderness Committee members are ecstatic today, as this risky oil-by-rail plan has been shelved," said Eric Reder, Manitoba Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee. "The Wilderness Committee laid out the risks and concerns with this preposterous plan, and then our members and supporters made sure the...
15 August 2014
Nanaimo, BC, July 19– Dan Phillips, of Phoenix Commotion, reuse innovator and popular Ted Talks presenter will be a featured speaker at international Zero Waste conference in Nanaimo, B.C., Oct 2-4. Dan Phillips is a builder and designer from Huntsville Texas, who started Phoenix Commotion with his wife Marsha, in 1998, that proves that constructing homes with recycled and salvaged materials has a viable place in the building industry. With a mission to divert landfill waste while teaching building skills, Phoenix Commotion creates affordable housing that are creative masterpieces. In 2003,...
15 August 2014
Millvale, PEI, August 11, 2014 – After more than a half-century of toxic assaults on PEI rivers by the potato industry, the perennial response from government to improve regulations is grossly inadequate.

“Years of committees, studies and changing regulations have not stopped the pesticide poisoning of our rivers and the latest disaster in the North River is yet one more failure,” said Earth Action coordinator Sharon Labchuk.  “More importantly, government refuses to address the big picture problem which is the widespread havoc wreaked by industrial agriculture and its chemical...
11 August 2014
Coalwatch Sounds Alarm Over New Player in Vancouver Island Coal Rush

In the past week, CoalWatch Comox Valley Society has uncovered 17 new coal license applications that have been filed for tenures in the Comox Valley area and Nanaimo area. These coal license applications were filed with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, on June 25, 2014 and June 26, 2014 by Skyland Resources Group Inc. out of Richmond, BC.

Skyland Resources Group Inc. has filed 2 coal license applications in the Anderson Lake area north of the Comox Lake, 8 applications in the Union Bay to Deep Bay area, and 7...
08 August 2014

August 8, 2014: In response to the Mount Polley Mine tailings disaster and ...our serious concerns over the pending Imperial Metals’ Red Chris Mine, the Klabona Keepers from the Tahltan Nation will blockade the Red Chris property Friday August 8th, 2014 at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

Contact: Rhoda Quock: Call (250) 234-3195 or (250) 234-3526





30 July 2014
Four styrene-laden products to ditch

Planning a summer barbecue this weekend or stocking up for Labor Day? Well there’s a new development around the health effects of styrene, that’s been hotly contested for years. Just this week, the National Research Council (NRC) signed off on the National Toxicology Program’s decision to list styrene as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” in its latest report on carcinogens.

The styrene industry has fought the designation as a “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen” and good government science for years. As a...
24 July 2014
Conservation Groups Call on UK to Take Swift Action to Stop Destruction of Forests in the Southern US

Asheville, NC, USA – Today the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released its long-awaited Biomass Emissions and Counterfactual Model Calculator and an accompanying report Lifecycle Impacts of Biomass in 2020 report. The findings from the tool and associated report confirm what U.S. and European ENGOs have been claiming for the last few years - that burning forests for electricity is bad for our climate.

At the heart of the debate is the dramatic growth in new wood...
22 July 2014
 (Toronto) – In response to recent criticisms of Greenpeace by Canada’s Minister of the Environment, Leona Aglukkaq, at the Inuit Circumpolar Conference in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Greenpeace Arctic Campaigner Farrah Khan declared:

“Greenpeace Canada has been invited to support the community of Clyde River in its opposition to seismic testing in Baffin Bay, and we have agreed to offer that support. Proposed seismic testing activities in Baffin Bay will have severe impacts on marine life and traditional lifestyles of coastal Indigenous Peoples. We stand with the community of...
14 July 2014
Part one of two

This may come as a shock, but only 55 million years ago, our planet had no polar ice caps; in fact, it nearly became a steamy, runaway greenhouse world, with CO2 levels exceeding 2,500 ppm. Then, all of a sudden, something intervened, causing a shift.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide began to drop, steadily generating today's world, with ice caps at both poles. But why did this happen? And better yet, could whatever triggered this drastic switch be used to temper today's climate?

Good questions. But the answers lay buried deep in the Arctic, hidden to researchers."
04 July 2014
On July 1, 2014, Communities to Protect our Coast (CPOC) gathered more than 300 people together on the  Parksville beach to illustrate just how large an Supertanker is at 330 meters long and 69 meters wide which the Enbridge Corporation plans to bring to Canada's westcoast to export  tarsands oil(dilbit) from Alberta to China.




25 June 2014
Vancouver, BC (June 25, 2014) --- In anticipation of large predicted returns for a handful of the Fraser River’s 44 sockeye salmon populations this summer, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has more than quadrupled the number of endangered Interior Fraser River coho salmon that can be killed as unintentional “bycatch” in the sockeye fishery. Conservationists from Watershed Watch Salmon Society, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and SkeenaWild Conservation Trust say the official fishing plan was released 3 weeks late and also allows for increased harm to many other...
25 June 2014
June 6, 2014

The oil and gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could potentially contribute more pollutants to groundwater than past research has suggested, according to a new study in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology. Scientists are reporting that when spilled or deliberately applied to land, waste fluids from fracking are likely picking up tiny particles in the soil that attract heavy metals and other chemicals with possible health implications for people and animals.  

Tammo S. Steenhuis and colleagues note that fracking, which...
25 June 2014
June 6, 2014

The oil and gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could potentially contribute more pollutants to groundwater than past research has suggested, according to a new study in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology. Scientists are reporting that when spilled or deliberately applied to land, waste fluids from fracking are likely picking up tiny particles in the soil that attract heavy metals and other chemicals with possible health implications for people and animals.  

Tammo S. Steenhuis and colleagues note that fracking, which...
24 June 2014


Walk Through Tar Sands Will Build Strength, Unity 

On June 28th hundreds of First Nations people and non-native supporters from Canada and the US will be participating in the Healing Walk in Fort McMurray for the last time as they get ready for the next front in the battle to protect the land, air, water and climate and have their treaties honoured.

This will be the fifth and final walk through tar sands operations, once traditional hunting, fishing and gathering grounds, to offer healing prayers to the land and to build...
24 June 2014
GITXSAN TERRITORIES, June 23, 2014 /CNW/ - There will be no further discussions on any pipeline development on Gitxsan lands as long as the Crown continues its offers of Gitxsan lands and rights to the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum Indian Bands (Tsimshian).

This unanimous decision effective on June 21, 2014 by Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs, with the support of 53 huwilp affects all natural gas projects on Gitxsan lax yip including those proposed by Prince Rupert Gas Transmission LTD (PRGT Project), Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Ltd (Spectra Energy) and Pacific Northern Gas Ltd (PNGL).

24 June 2014

MONCTON, NB (June 23, 2014) – The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance (NBASGA) is taking the provincial government to court to stop shale gas development in the province.“We’re taking this action to protect the health and well-being of New Brunswickers, both now and in the future,” said NBASGA chairman Roy Ries.

NBASGA is an alliance of 22 non-profit, community groups across New Brunswick. It filed a Statement of Claim against the Province of New Brunswick in Saint John Court of Queen’s Bench Monday. NBASGA’s lawsuit says the development of unconventional shale gas and oil deposits...
20 June 2014
European goal is zero plastics waste going to landfills by 2020; part of discussion at Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Tech/Business Forum, 25 -26 June in Zurich

LONDON (June 20, 2014) – Despite the fact that Europe is a global leader in plastics recycling and in diverting plastics from landfills by using waste-to-energy programs that convert waste into power generation, Europe, along with many other industrialized regions, recently  got another major incentive to increase its recycling effectiveness for plastics—the message that China no longer wants to be the world’s dumping...
17 June 2014
 Federal and provincial governments disregard Indigenous Title and Rights

Today, we unequivocally reject the Harper Government’s decision to approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway tanker and pipelines project and First Nations will immediately go to court to vigorously pursue all lawful means to stop the Enbridge project.

We have governed our lands, in accordance to our Indigenous laws, since time immemorial. Our inherent Title and Rights and our legal authority over our respective territories have never been surrendered.

Our inherent rights are human rights constitutionally...
17 June 2014

VANCOUVER—The federal Cabinet’s approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal is no guarantee that the controversial project will ever be built, environmental groups said today.

“Eighteen months of regulatory hearings made one thing clear: Northern Gateway is a risky and unnecessary project that does not serve the national interest of Canada or Canadians,” said Ecojustice staff lawyer Barry Robinson. 

“We are deeply disappointed, but you need to look no further than the spate of legal challenges filed against this project to know that Cabinet’s...
16 June 2014
First Nations, 2 in 3 British Columbians deny Northern Gateway permission to proceed

Vancouver, June 16 2014 – A coalition of First Nations and civil society groups today delivered a final rejection of Enbridge’s pipeline and oil tanker project.

With many First Nations gearing up for court battles to protect their territories from this risky proposal, representatives of Coastal First Nations, Dogwood Initiative, Unifor, West Coast Environmental Law, Douglas Channel Watch and One Cowichan promised to work together to defeat Northern Gateway, regardless of any approvals issued by the...
14 June 2014
June 12 was Marine Harvest’s lawyers turn to present their arguments to the court.  

Their first presentation to the judge was about piscine reovirus.  Piscine reovirus is important only because the test case that gave rise to this legal action was the transfer of infected juvenile Atlantic salmon from the Dalrymple hatchery in Sayward into a net pen salmon farm on the Fraser sockeye migration route off northern Vancouver Island.

Marine Harvest’s lawyer told the judge that piscine reovirus does not come from the salmon farm sites,  it comes from...
11 June 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Vancouver — Aquaculture licences issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that allow fish farms to transfer farmed Atlantic salmon carrying disease agents into waters shared with wild salmon are unlawful and must be struck down, Ecojustice lawyers will argue in Federal Court tomorrow. 

“The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is standing by while companies decide to put fish carrying viruses into the ocean,” said Margot Venton, Ecojustice staff lawyer. “Not only is this a reckless approach to marine protection, but we believe it is unlawful.” ...
11 June 2014
CoalWatch News, June 10, 2014

In January of 2014, the Ministry of Energy and Mines awarded coal tenure to Hillsborough Resources for 2287 hectares in two claims on Woodhus Creek and the Oyster River. This was despite a request from the Comox Valley Regional District that the tenures not be approved. The claims are immediately to the southeast of Hillsborough's Quinsam Mine.

In May, Hillsborough applied for permits to drill five exploration holes in the area. On June 10, the Committee of the Whole for the Comox Valley Regional District will review the application, and the staff report...
09 June 2014

Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada, June 9, 2014 – Fishermen, environmentalists,
First Nations, and others kicked off International Oceans’ Week with a
demand to the federal, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI, New
Brunswick and Quebec governments to immediately place a moratorium on
offshore oil and gas exploration and development in the entire Gulf of St.
Lawrence. They followed up with a call for an independent Gulf-wide review
panel with thorough public consultations on whether offshore oil and gas
activities should ever be allowed to proceed in the Gulf.

“Since time...
06 June 2014


Kinder Morgan is considering seeking orders from the National Energy Board to access land to test a new tunnel route under Burnaby Mountain for its Trans Mountain pipeline, a sign of how contentious the $5.4-billion project is in Burnaby.

The company announced last week the tunnel is its preferred route because recent public consultations showed it was least disruptive to residents.

However, Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson said Tuesday the City of Burnaby is preventing the company from going onto city lands and doing the necessary geotechnical work to determine...
05 June 2014
From May 29th to June 1st, the first hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the Canadian mining industry will take place in Montréal, during which about 15 witnesses and experts from Latin America will  denounce human rights violations and environmental damage caused by Canadian mining companies, with whom the Canadian government is involved.

This will be the 40th session of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT), an institution founded in Italy in 1979  by lawyer and senator Lelio Basso. It is the first session of the PPT to take place in Canada.

Canada is the most...
05 June 2014
Washington, D.C.—Food & Water Watch today is calling on the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to force AquaBounty Technologies, the producer of genetically engineered salmon, to come clean to investors about the risks the company faces as it attempts to join NASDAQ. In a complaint filed with the SEC, Food & Water Watch highlights some of the ways in which AquaBounty’s SEC filing misrepresents the market barriers, regulatory hurdles and financial prospects facing its sole product, GE salmon.

“The SEC needs to ensure that investors are able to distinguish between what AquaBounty...
29 May 2014
(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver – May 23, 2014) “The Harper Government established the Cohen Commission in 2009 at a cost of $26 million which heard from over 170 witnesses, over 3 years of study and resulted in a voluminous report with 75 recommendations. We are simultaneously appalled and deeply troubled by the Harper government’s deliberate destruction and refusal to implement the recommendations of the Cohen commission,” stated Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. “Justice Cohen got it right when he prioritized the conservation and protection of wild...
15 May 2014
Voters Taking Action on Climate Change issues notice of legal challenge of Texada Island coal export permit approval
-- challenge will argue use of Mines Act to issue coal port permit illegal, process unfair

Vancouver -- Voters Taking Action on Climate Change (VTACC) has served the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and Texada Quarries Limited (TQL) with notice that it is bringing a court case challenging the legality of MEM's recent approval of a major coal export expansion on Texada Island.

MEM quietly issued a permit approving expansion...
13 May 2014
May 17, 2014 The findings imply that the birds' navigation is controlled by a biological system sensitive to artificial electromagnetic noise, but the biophysical mechanism is unclear. 
Credit: Charlesjsharp via Wikimedia Commons

Interference from electronics and AM radio signals can disrupt the internal magnetic compasses of migratory birds, researchers report today in Nature. The work raises the possibility that cities have significant effects on bird migration patterns.

Decades of experiments have shown that migratory birds can orient themselves on migration paths...
13 May 2014

The Honduran Center for the Promotion of Community Development (CEHPRODEC) and the 49 organizations that comprise the National Coalition of Environmental Networks most forcefully condemn the horrific assassination of the environmental defender, Rigoberto López Hernández, which occurred on May 3, 2014 in the community of Santa Cruz, Municipality of El Níspero in Santa Bárbara.

Once the National Congress passed the fateful Mining Law, we cautioned the government, holding it responsible for the...
08 May 2014
Governments must abandon plans to build Site C, says Wilderness Committee

VANCOUVER – Today’s release of the joint federal-provincial environmental assessment report on the Site C dam states that there is no demonstrated need for the project, and that the project poses a "significant adverse effect" on traditional uses of the land by First Nations, some of which "cannot be mitigated."

In its 471-page report, the Joint Review Panel made 50 recommendations and many conclusions about the risks and impacts associated with the $8-billion megaproject. In regards to the overall need for the...
08 May 2014
The CoalWatch Comox Valley Society has uncovered information that indicates the BC Government has issued a coal license to Compliance Coal Corporation for a coal tenure in the Anderson Lake area, with part of the tenure in the sensitive Tsolum River watershed.

The BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas issued the coal license on May 5, 2014, with the tenure being 1448 hectares in size. The issuance of this coal license to Compliance increases their coal tenure in the Comox Valley to over 30,000 hectares, which includes the proposed Raven Coal Mine near Fanny Bay, and the Bear Coal...
07 May 2014
Vancouver – Leading environmental organizations are rejecting the British Columbia government proposal for forest tenure change that would increase the amount of land under the control of logging companies in the form of Tree Farm Licences. The Ancient Forest Alliance, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society BC, Canopy, ForestEthics Solutions, Greenpeace, Sierra Club BC,  Wildsight and West Coast Environmental Law Association are calling on British Columbians to visit the government’s consultation website to reject the tenure rollover proposal and instead demand a coherent action plan to...
06 May 2014
May 6, 2014 (Vancouver) — A group of landowners, business people, academics and environmental advocates are launching a second constitutional challenge to the NEB review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.  The motion filed asserts that the NEB review process unfairly restricts public participation as a result of process design, unduly rejects participant applications, and refuses to hear concerns related to climate change or oil sands development.

“Last year in Omnibus Bill C-38 the Harper Government snuck in amendments to the NEB process that restrict who can speak before...
05 May 2014

Today, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, the “People of the Inlet”, islaunching a legal challenge of the National Energy Board’s (NEB) review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project. The Nation says that serious legal errors made by the federal Crown and NEB have led to a flawed and unlawful review process that puts Burrard Inlet and all peoples who live here at risk.

This is the first legal challenge by a First Nationagainst the new pipeline and tanker proposal, and it opens the project to significant...
01 May 2014
April 29, 2014, Lethbridge, AB: No Drilling Lethbridge is thrilled that Goldenkey Oil has announced it will not be submitting an application to drill and frack for oil and gas in Lethbridge.

The Lethbridge community has been united in its opposition to Goldenkey’s plan to drill 3 exploratory wells in West Lethbridge.  An 11,000 signature petition calling on the Alberta Government to ban drilling for oil and gas within Lethbridge city limits was tabled in the legislature in March. Another 2000 signatures were added in April. Our community’s position was further galvanized by the...
29 April 2014

April 29, 2014, VICTORIA – An investigation of how well the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA)protects drinking water in community watersheds has identified a number of improvements necessary to help ensure government objectives for drinking water quality and quantity are achieved.

“The status and management of community watersheds needs to be reviewed by government to ensure this resource is being properly managed in those places where it needs to be managed, in consideration of all types of development activity,” said board chair Tim Ryan.

While most forestry licensees...
22 April 2014
CIA in Washington
Washington, DC -- The Cowboy and Indian Alliance (CIA), a group of ranchers, farmers and indigenous leaders, launched a five-day “Reject and Protect” encampment on National Mall this morning to urge President Obama to “reject” the Keystone XL pipeline and “protect” their land, water, climate, and tribal rights.

 "Historically, cowboys and Indians have been at odds—but no more. The Cowboy and Indian Alliance shows our cooperation and our working together in mutual respect,” said Ben Gotschall, a fourth generation rancher who grew up in Nebraska's Sand Hills. “That shared bond proves...
20 April 2014
FINLAND, Minn. – Today, by a vote of 28-2, the Vermont state Senate passed H.112, a bill to require mandatory labeling of foods sold in Vermont that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The bill also makes it illegal to call any food product containing GMOs “natural” or “all natural.” Unlike bills passed last year in Maine and Connecticut, which require four or five other states to pass GMO labeling laws before they can be enacted, Vermont’s law contains no “trigger” clauses, making it the first “clean” GMO labeling law in the country.

The bill now goes back to the House which is...
17 April 2014
 -- coal contamination on beach confirmed by citizen lab test, suggests terminal violating existing export permit

Vancouver -- An email sent April 10th by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) to a concerned citizen revealed that the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) quietly approved up to a 20 fold expansion in coal exports from Texada Island one month earlier.  The Lafarge Canada facility on Texada currently handles up to 400,000 tonnes of coal each year from Quinsam Mine on Vancouver Island, but the permit amendment now means that it could handle up to 8 million tonnes...
16 April 2014
April 16, 2013 FORT NELSON, B.C. - A group of B.C. officials has been kicked out of a First Nations forum on liquefied natural gas over the government's decision to exempt most of the gas produced in the province from mandatory environmental assessment.

Chief Sharleen Gale of the Fort Nelson First Nation, organizer of the summit in the northeast corner of the province, asked the bureaucrats to leave and escorted them out.

"There was no consultation as far as changing that policy," said Chief Terry Teegee of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, which represents eight First Nations...
16 April 2014
BC citizens unite to fight 'disturbingly dismantled' NEB Kinder Morgan process

April 16, 2014, VANCOUVER -- A group of concerned BC citizens, with the support of ForestEthics Advocacy, have retained legal counsel to explore options regarding the recently dismantled National Energy Board (NEB) consultation process for the Kinder Morgan pipeline project and its lack of review of climate and environmental impacts.

The co-plaintiffs include residents of Vancouver, the North Shore and the Fraser Valley who were denied intervenor status in the Kinder Morgan NEB hearings. Of the over 2000...
13 April 2014
April 15, 2014  By Mike Chisholm
Just days after the city of Kitimat soundly rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline project, the citizens of Nanaimo have sent a clear message to Metro Vancouver over a proposal for a garbage incinerator in Nanaimo.

In a unanimous vote Monday night, Nanaimo city council voted to reject a proposal for a waste-to-energy incinerator facility at Duke Point. The non-binding vote was taken during a raucous council meeting that followed months of angry emails, phone calls and letters from residents to local politicians.

“We declined an interest in it...
11 April 2014
Victoria City Council passes motion supporting First Nation's call for mining moratorium

First Nation and environmentalists pleased with Council decision

VICTORIA – On Thursday, April 10th, Victoria City Council passed a motion supporting the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s call for a moratorium on mining in its territory in Clayoquot Sound.

The motion, moved by Councillor Ben Isitt on March 21, came in response to a letter from Moses Martin, Chief Councillor of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation. The Tla-o-qui-aht declared their territory off-limits to mining activity after the provincial...
09 April 2014
April 9, 2014 Washington, DC--Scientists and environmentalists today condemned a recent press release by researchers at the University of British Columbia announcing they have created genetically engineered (GE) poplar trees for paper and biofuel production, opening the prospect of growing these GE trees like an agricultural crop in the future. [1] 

The poplars were genetically engineered for altered lignin composition to allegedly make them easier to process into paper and biofuels. Groups, however, warn that manipulation of lignin, and the potential contamination of wild...
08 April 2014
Greenpeace asks Elections Canada to investigate whether links between the Conservative Party and Ethical Oil break election rules

(Ottawa) - Greenpeace Canada has asked Elections Canada to investigate whether the Conservative Party is colluding with the Ethical Oil Institute in violation of the measures in the Canada Elections Act that prohibit donations to federal political parties from corporations.

“We have compiled some very troubling evidence on the relationship between Ethical Oil and the Conservative Party that we believe merits investigation by the Commissioner of Canada...
07 April 2014
VANCOUVER, B.C – CRED BC, a collection of over 90 BC-based businesses, along with several other local business leaders, have been denied intervenor status in hearings on Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Today’s announcement by the National Energy Board (NEB) left CRED’s members with questions about the hearing process, particularly the level of consideration given to economic concerns.

“Such a large infrastructure development project will have direct & lasting impacts on many local businesses. The risk of an oil spill in Burrard Inlet or the surrounding...
07 April 2014

"Earthworks applauds Rio Tinto’s decision to withdraw from the Pebble Mine proposal that threatens Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, home to the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon fishery. 

We also applaud their recognition that “Alaskans should have a say in Pebble’s future development”.

And Alaskans have had their say: they overwhelmingly oppose the mine. 98% of comments from Bristol Bay residents oppose the Pebble Mine proposal.  That’s largely because, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s peer reviewed scientific assessment of large...
02 April 2014
April 2, 2014

BC Liberal Government Revives Proposed “Forest Giveaway Scheme” for Major Logging Companies on Public Forest Lands

Revived proposal would entrench the status quo of unsustainable overcutting by granting exclusive logging rights to major timber companies over vast areas of public forest lands by expanding Tree Farm Licences.

“Despite being killed by widespread public opposition just a year ago, the BC Liberals never stop trying to revive their ‘Corporate Timber Zombie’ that is always reaching out to grab our public forests. But this time they’re strengthening and...
01 April 2014
OTTAWA (March 31, 2014) – An agreement has been reached to transfer the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) research center from under the auspices of the Government of Canada to a non-profit organization, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The ELA, a collection of 58 lakes in northwestern Ontario, has conducted ground-breaking research on the impacts of environmental problems – such as acid rain, climate change, and mercury pollution – on lakes and fish populations for over four decades. Today’s announcement brings to an end a two-year campaign by Canada’s scientific...
31 March 2014
Breaking News: GM Alfalfa Release Delayed!

Your actions are working! Thanks to all your protest, we have kept GM alfalfa off the market this spring!

The company Forage Genetics International will not release genetically modified (GM) alfalfa this spring, thanks to farmer and consumer opposition. Your continued protest, culminating in last year’s national Day of Action to Stop GM Alfalfa, has delayed the release of GM alfalfa in Canada. Thank you for taking effective action with CBAN!

The corporate decision to delay the introduction of GM alfalfa was confirmed in the Western Producer...
31 March 2014

94% of BC is "public" or "Crown" land. Commons BC advocates for intelligent, data-driven, democratic stewardship of that land, as well as of BC's public interests, common resources, and shared economy and environment. To aid in this project we produce visual graphics based on publicly available BC data. When thinking about "Crown" lands, please note that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that First Nations Title co-exists with Crown Title.

BC’s farmlands open to fracking & other development? Stop Bill 24

British Columbia contains relatively little farmland...
25 March 2014
VANCOUVER – Today Bill 4 (the Park Amendment Act) is set to become law, despite widespread opposition from the BC public and a consortium of leading environmental organizations and notable park advocates. Changes to the Act will allow poorly-defined industrial “research” to be conducted within provincial parks, facilitating removal of park land to allow for industrial activity, including pipelines, logging roads and resource extraction.

“The Minister has received thousands of letters opposing this bill since it was introduced last month, but the public’s concerns have been ignored” said...
20 March 2014
ISLAND WIDE –   Where does your drinking water come from? Do you know? This year’s Canada Water Week theme “Watersheds 101” aims to celebrate World Water Day (March 22) by educating Canadians about their watersheds and the drinking water systems they serve.  Canadian Geographic defines a watershed as “an area of land where all the surface water drains into the same place, whether it's a creek, a stream, a river or an ocean.” That means that no matter where you are in Canada, you’re standing in a watershed.

For Dr. Paul Hasselback, medical health officer responsible for...
18 March 2014
Burnaby Advises National Energy Board that Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project Application is Incomplete and does not meet Legal Requirements for Hearing and Public Evaluation

Today, the City of Burnaby formally requested that the National Energy Board find that the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project Application is incomplete and reject it on the basis that it contains neither the information needed for the NEB to make an informed decision nor sufficient information for the public to understand and analyze the impacts of the Project and does not...
15 March 2014
The Fluoride Action Network is excited to announce the launch of the FAN Study Tracker, the most up-to-date and comprehensive source for fluoride health research, including studies investigating how fluoride affects the brain (e.g., IQ scores), the bones/joints (e.g., arthritis), the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, and the thyroid gland.

Features of the Study-Tracker include:
-    Over 1,500 abstracts and over 400 full-text studies.
-    Filters that enable 80+ years of research to be organized by health category/subcategory, study type, and date.
-   ...
14 March 2014
Sointula, BC, March 13, 2014  As the Province of British Columbia considers two new fish farm applications, the milestone of over 100,000 signatures on a petition has passed. The petition asks BC Premier Christy Clark to not issue the new fish farm licenses. The petition is at: .

"BC residents are the vast majority of signators," observed the petition's architect Alexandra Morton.  Morton of  Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society observed, "Exceeding 100,000 names is like having almost the entire population of a community the size of Langley,...
14 March 2014

VANCOUVER/FORT ST. JOHN, BC – The Wilderness Committee is charging BC Hydro with using unfair practices in its bid to push ahead with the construction of the Site C Dam. The environmental group is reacting to reports that the Crown Corporation has issued a call for contractors to build Site C Dam work camps, even though the joint federal-provincial panel that reviewed the project has until late April 2014 to release its findings.

“It’s a kind of bullying tactic in our view – one that should not be used by a Crown Corporation. It is wrong to start moving ahead on construction associated...
14 March 2014
March 13, 2014
The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) and Living Oceans Society (LOS) spoke out today against the cloud of

secrecy obscuring federal government approvals of genetically modified (GM) organisms in Canada –

including what may be the world’s first GM food animal to hit supermarket shelves: AquAdvantage™


In December of 2013, EAC and LOS brought a legal action against the Ministers of Environment Canada

and Health Canada, as well as AquaBounty Canada Inc., asking the Federal Court to decide if the Canadian

government violated its own law when it permitted the...
12 March 2014
(Fort Nelson BC - March 12, 2014) The Fort Nelson First Nation is hosting the First Nation Shale Gas/LNG Summit – Striking the Balance being held in our Traditional Territory on April 14th-16th. This event is invite only, and will be bring together over 300 First Nations leaders, provincial and federal government representatives, natural gas industry proponents, as well as leading energy thought leaders to share information and to discuss the risks and opportunities that come from Shale Gas – LNG development.

We are a nation of approximately 800 Dene and Cree members who...
12 March 2014
EU Parliament resolution calls for Arctic sanctuary around North Pole

12 March 2014 (Toronto) – The European Parliament today passed a resolution calling for a protected area around the North Pole which could ban oil companies and industrial fishing fleets from the region. The text echoes the demands of the international Save The Arctic campaign which has attracted the support of over five million people including Sir Paul McCartney and renowned US oceanographer Sylvia Earle.

The resolution represents a clear break from the current positions of Arctic Council members such as Norway,...
09 March 2014
Defend Our Marine Highways Rally

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Provincial Legislature Lawn

Victoria, B.C.

Quadra Island:  British Columbians from across coastal communities and throughout the province will bus and carpool to converge on the lawn of the Provincial Legislature on Tuesday, March 11 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to deliver their pointed message directly to the Premier and the Transportation Minister: stop the cuts, lower the fares and put BC Ferries back into the Highway system and listen to the people.

Impacted communities were stunned and...
07 March 2014
Washington, DC – On the last day of the public comment period, Keystone XL opponents held a rally in front of the State Department to deliver more than 2 million comments submitted to the State Department to urge Secretary Kerry and President Obama to reject the dirty, dangerous pipeline. The public comment period regarding the national interest of the pipeline began on February 5, after the State Department published the final environmental review.

These 2 million+ comments telling Secretary Kerry and President Obama that Keystone XL is not in the national interest exceed the more than...
06 March 2014
Line 9B Reversal Brings Tar Sands to New England’s Doorstep; Faces Major Obstacles to Get In  

Today, Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) approved Enbridge’s controversial application to reverse the flow and increase the capacity of Line 9B between southern Ontario and Montreal. Enbridge’s requests are part of an effort to ship tar sands oil to Eastern Canada and the United States. Anti-tar sands groups in Canada and the United States are united in condemning the decision.

Though the NEB approved this request, the tar sands industry is still a long way off from sending tar sands...
04 March 2014
Two people were taken into custody this morning on a Slocan Valley logging road, less than a day after a judge extended an injunction against the Sinixt First Nation and their supporters.

RCMP Sgt. Darryl Little confirmed two people were arrested without incident for failing to comply with the injunction but said names would not be released until formal charges are laid.

However, Facebook posts have identified one of them as Marilyn James, a prominent member of the Sinixt First Nation. Another post encouraged supporters to attend a hearing at 2 p.m. at the Nelson courthouse, but...
20 February 2014
BC Coastal Mainland Alliance

Defend Our Marine Highways!

Tell the Premier: Stop the Cuts and Listen to the People Rally

Great Speakers & Music

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Provincial Legislature Lawn

Victoria, B.C.

Bring your voices, your placards and your energy to the Legislature lawn to tell Premier Christy Clark to:

Immediately put service cuts and fare increases on hold;
Conduct open consultations with ferry impacted communities to determine what they need from BC Ferries; and
Bring BC Ferries back under government control to lower...
14 February 2014
Kinder Morgan Pipeline Threatens Ecology and Economy of Salish Tribes Tribes on Both Sides of the Border Intervene in Proceeding to Address Tanker Traffic and Oil Spill Risks


Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territories; February 13, 2014

- Opposition to Kinder Morgan's TransMountain proposed pipeline project ramped up today as Coast Salish peoples on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border vowed to oppose the project as intervenors before Canada's National Energy Board (NEB).  Coast Salish intervenors include the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Tulalip...
13 February 2014
The first thorough comparison of evidence for natural gas system leaks confirms that organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have underestimated U.S. methane emissions generally, as well as those from the natural gas industry specifically.

Natural gas consists predominantly of methane. Even small leaks from the natural gas system are important because methane is a potent greenhouse gas—about 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. A study, "Methane Leakage from North American Natural Gas Systems," published in the February 14, 2014 issue of the journal...
06 February 2014
Kamloops, The Kamloops Area Preservation Association, February 5, 2014 - The undersigned demand the resignation of the BC Minister of Mines, Bill Bennett who recently went to Ottawa in an attempt to persuade the Federal Minister of the Environment, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, to ignore the recommendations of the Review Panel to decline the application for Taseko’s Prosperity Mine near Williams Lake, BC. This is the second time that the minister has been to Ottawa in order to persuade the federal government to overturn the findings and recommendations of the environmental...
05 February 2014
'Three Sisters' Initiative Addresses Critical Sustainability Questions

Cedar, February 5, 2014 - With the Pacific west coast in the midst of one of its driest winters three Vancouver Island organizations are taking positive proactive steps to help ensure the Island is prepared should there be food or  water shortages this summer.

"We're concerned that California has just declared a drought emergency," notes Gillian Butler, a Director of the Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society, "and that it's so severe the State will not be distributing water to local authorities....
04 February 2014
Business focus of federal science strategy consultation ignores science crucial for the well-being of Canadians

Ottawa, February 4, 2014 - The federal government is soliciting feedback on their consultation paper - Seizing Canada’s moment: moving forward in science, technology and innovation - to inform a revised science, technology and innovation strategy to be released later this year. This will update a strategy adopted in 2007 entitled Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage.

“Most of the questions posed in the consultation paper are focused on business...
29 January 2014
29 January 2014 (Toronto) – In response to Minister Leona Aglukkaq’s announcement on the launch of the Arctic Economic Council at the Northern Lights Trade Show in Ottawa today, Greenpeace Canada Arctic Campaigner Farrah Khan said:

“We welcome the creation of this council to discuss development opportunities and imagine a prosperous future for the Arctic.  Northerners can only hope this forum will focus its efforts on proposing lasting development solutions that do not rely on non-renewable natural resources, and especially not on fossil fuels. Climate change is the biggest threat to...
23 January 2014
Shawnigan Lake, BC January 22, 2014:  
As part of our public information campaign to stop South Island Aggregates (SIA) aka Cobble Hill Holdings (CHH) establishing a contaminated soil dump in the basin of the Shawnigan watershed, the SRA is using a billboard to raise awareness of the permit that will negatively impact the health, economy and well-being of the people of Shawnigan Lake by jeopardizing the drinking water used by over 12,000 people.

Through a generous donation from a local Shawnigan business the billboard is being utilized to help get the message out to the people...
23 January 2014
David Suzuki, Ian Hanington, Huffington Post, Jan 22 2014

Debating the best way to do something we shouldn't be doing in the first place is a sure way to end up in the wrong place. That's what's happening with the "rail versus pipeline" discussion. Some say recent rail accidents mean we should build more pipelines to transport fossil fuels. Others argue that leaks, high construction costs, opposition and red tape surrounding pipelines are arguments in favour of using trains.

But the recent spate of rail accidents and pipeline leaks and spills doesn't provide arguments for one or the...
22 January 2014
by Curtis Tate, Bellingham Herald, McClatchy Washington Bureau, January 20, 2014

WASHINGTON — More crude oil was spilled in U.S. rail incidents last year than was spilled in the nearly four decades since the federal government began collecting data on such spills, an analysis of the data shows.

Including major derailments in Alabama and North Dakota, more than 1.15 million gallons of crude oil was spilled from rail cars in 2013, according to data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

By comparison, from 1975 to 2012, U.S. railroads spilled a combined 800,...
22 January 2014
by Mark Hume, Globe and Mail, Jan 21 2014

VANCOUVER — A former scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada has cast doubt on the B.C. government’s promise of an economic boom from increased liquefied natural gas production.

Premier Christy Clark has made gas development a cornerstone of her administration, saying the province has “an unprecedented opportunity” to exploit several new fields and develop LNG export plants. Her government says that would produce a cumulative gross domestic product benefit to B.C. of $1-trillion by 2046 and make the province debt free.

But David...
22 January 2014
New Worldwatch Institute report reviews extent of global energy subsidies

Washington, D.C.----Efforts by a variety of organizations to quantify global support for fossil fuels have generated estimates that range from $523 billion to over $1.9 trillion, depending on the calculation and what measures are included. What is clear is that the level of support has rebounded to 2008 levels following a dip in 2009-10 during the global financial crisis, writes Worldwatch Research Fellow Philipp Tagwerker in the Institute's latest Vital Signs Online trend (