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There are not many entrepreneurs who can command a room like Elon Musk. When he stepped onto a stage in May to unveil the Powerwall, the audience oohed and ahhed and dutifully pre-ordered more than 38,000 of Tesla’s new home battery systems.

This spring, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released a searing report, Honoring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future, calling on each and every one of us to take action to heal relationships between settlers and First Nations. 

"Leadership is not about sticking your finger up to see which way the wind is blowing."

On July 23rd, the Watershed Sentinel had an opportunity to interview Nathan Cullen, the popular MP for the Skeena federal riding, former NDP House Leader, and current NDP Finance critic.

Traditionally, bogs have been seen as worthless, ugly pieces of land, holding little or no intrinsic value. Indeed, the phrase “bog standard” is used to denote anything that is basic, ordinary, unexceptional, or uninspiring. Bogs have such a serious image problem that, in Ireland and Scotland, the word bog has long been a slang term for toilet. “Going to the bog” is synonymous with “going to the bathroom.”

In this election, there is going to be another silly debate about the merits of “strategic voting”. This debate will be silly because of its very premise, which is that it is possible to vote without a strategy. You see: on Election Day, every person thinks about how to use their one vote most effectively to bring about the kind of Canada in which they want to live. And that is their voting strategy.

People will know from my film work and community activism that I am solid and unequivocal on a number of issues. Initially, I thought that running to be an NDP MP would help steer the party in a positive, progressive direction. Since the time that I was blocked from seeking the NDP nomination I have learned how the NDP has abandoned their own policies on issues that are very important to me.

North America has been in the grip of a weird weather pattern that keeps a high atmospheric pressure system locked in place over the Pacific. This blocking ridge of atmospheric pressure disrupts wind patterns and prevents rainstorms from reaching California, while sending warm, dry air up the West Coast and re-routing the rainstorms farther to the north.

Dara Entekhabi, a hydrologist and faculty member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, reminds us that “Earth is a unique place.” It is the only planet (that we are aware of) where “water exists in all three phases: liquid, solid and vapor.” This lucky position is maintained because of the cozy distance of the Earth’s orbit to the sun, as well as the protective blanket of our atmosphere.

Since November 19, 2014, Dene and Metis trappers have been camped out at a checkpoint on highway 955 near LaLoche, Saskatchewan in Treaty 8 lands, to stop Cenovus Energy from accessing indigenous lands. With temperatures regularly dropping to –400C throughout the winter, their conviction to occupy the land remains strong and the trappers have moved their camp to the Clearwater River.

On the afternoon of February 10, 2015 a whale watching boat docked at Port McNeill, BC, packed with 48 Malcolm Islanders from the small village of Sointula.