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It has been a very long haul since we took the plunge on June 30th and paid for our solar equipment, manufactured in China, to be transported across the US border into Canada. Free trade has really destroyed our own manufacturing economy, but that is a whole other conversation.

Some tagged Antarctic penguins have had a new visitor lately and although it looks cute and cuddly it has an important purpose. The furry, penguin lookalike is a robot on a mission to check in on wild penguins while keeping them calm and stress-free.

Last year on July 4, North Dakota oil and gas billionaire, Harold Hamm just couldn’t contain his patriotic enthusiasm. In an op-ed commentary published by Forbes, Hamm wrote, “America has a long history of achieving the impossible.  We defeated the British. We landed on the moon.  We invented the Internet. And now we can add horizontal drilling to the list of American innovations that have changed the world forever.”

An obscure tribunal housed at the World Bank in Washington, DC will decide the fate of millions of people. At issue is whether a government should be punished for refusing to let a foreign mine operate because it wants to protect its main source of water. The case pits El Salvador’s government against a Canadian gold-mining company ...

Most people are unaware of how widespread triclosan and triclocarban chemicals are in their daily lives. Many products labelled as “antibacterial,” “fights odours” or “kills germs” may contain triclosan or triclocarban. In fact by 2001, 76% of commercial liquid hand soaps in the US contained triclosan and a wide variety of cosmetics, drugs, clothes, school products, and kitchenware also now contain this antibacterial chemical.

The killer line in any domestic climate debate is: “What’s the point of reducing emissions here when China is building a coal-fired power plant each week?”

The facts behind China’s coal consumption are daunting. China is the world’s largest energy consumer and the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. In 2013, coal accounted for 65% of China’s overall energy consumption, making it the most coal-dependent country among top energy consumers.

Special Feature: Mining

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First Nations

6 Paddle to the Sacred

Mad deer disease is here. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is the official name for our latest wildlife plague. CWD is not spread by bacteria or viruses but by deformed proteins. Like other prion diseases, such as mad cow disease and scrapie, CWD kills by deteriorating the brain and nervous system. Prion diseases don’t jump from one species to another. At least, that’s what government agencies insisted when mad cow became epidemic in Britain in the 1990s. Then a not-so-funny thing happened: 140 humans died from a fatal dementia they developed after eating...

On August 4th the tailings impoundment at the Mount Polley mine failed, releasing 25 million cubic metres of mine waste and construction material into the watersheds below. Some of the waste backed up into Polley Lake, most of it was dumped into the 10km Hazeltine Creek watershed and some spread downstream into Quesnel Lake.

International architecture firm Snøhetta has partnered with Norway's Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) and to design and build a remarkable experimental house that helps move the development of very efficient buildings forward.