Posted on November 01, 2012

The Land

5 Defending the Coast
Observations on that massive Victoria rally

6 Riding the Pipe
Paul Fletcher on his motorcycle journey along the route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project and the people he met

31 Paper from Waste Straw
It’s made in India now, but it is on sale at Staples, and there are plans to manufacture it on the Prairies

33 Stewarding Granby Granite Bluffs
It’s in a community watershed, but nonetheless North America Stone wants to quarry the granite from the bluffs


10 Living Room Dialogues
Mike Bell presents the use of the work of Pablo Freire in dialogue sessions in the Comox Valley

14 Co-operatives: The Solution Around Us
This special section looks at co-operatives in Canada, their variety and their roles, as well as their capacity to provide solutions to our economic and ecological problems

15 The Seven Co-operative Principles

16 A Sampling of the Variety of Co-ops in BC

17 Dawn Paley examines the role of Co-ops for Social Change

21 Ten Reasons Why Co-ops Rock

22 Food Co-ops and GMOs
Lucy Sharratt examines the problems GMOs present food co-ops

24 Cortes Forestry Update

34 NDP To-Do List
If the NDP does form government next year in BC, Jim Cooperman has a To-Do list for them


26 Upstream/Downstream
Joyce Nelson on the long-laid plans to ship tar sands crude to Irving Oil and other refineries in the east, and especially on the east coast

News & Other

3, 9 News Briefs

25 Cohen Report on Fraser Sockeye

4 Letters

36 Wild Times
Joe Foy on Langley’s Time Travelling Forest

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