That narrow Victoria by-election, where the NDP and the Greens battled it out vote by vote (oh happy day if that could be the real condition of Canadian politics!) shows how likely we are to wind up with another 4 or 8 years of Harper Government distruction of Canada the nation and Canada the Land.

I just don't know how to get folks to think that their individual refusals to form a common front are going to be responsible for the slide into misery that Harper is leading us on…..None of us are conditioned to be able to compromise or set our own desires and conditions aside for the greater good.

How to bring it home?

Each time Harper does something heinous, I wish to put up a big billboard: Tom Mulcair, Liberal Leader (whoever it is) and Elizbeth May -- Are you happy yet? This is on your docket, not Harper's. He is just doing what he believes in.

They all get off lightly by blaming Harper when it is their lack of skill as politicians and leaders which is allowing this to happen. And we the citizens are getting exactly what we deserve for allowing our politicans to wallow in ego and self-righteousness (not to mention the odd crooked pocket)  instead of responsible governing.

History is not irrelevant here, although hopefully the situation does not degenerate to the levels suffered in pre-war Germany. However, money talks, and oil money talks largest.  Read and learn: "With Germans who opposed Nazism failing to unite against it, Hitler soon moved to consolidate absolute power." Wikipedia,'s_rise_to_power