Published in a fine website from the Shuswap (Aim High Salmon Arm), Dr. Art Borkent has given us a wonderful summary of the state of the study of insects in Canada, why it matters, and what is wrong with the suppression of science which the current government(s) are instituting.

"First there are the huge and continuing effects of global warming, something that we in the entomological community have recognized to be of deep concern for decades. Species are being wiped out in many areas. The crash in wild bee and sawfly populations is flat out scary and nearly everywhere butterfly species are being affected (how many did you see this summer?). Some species are leaping northward." 

And in the midst of this, the enforced silence: "Without studying firsthand what is happening in the environment, we are at tremendous risk as a society. We can only listen, then, to the machinations of corporations and government."

It makes me think that we are going through an intellectual Dark Ages again.

We can't reprint the article, but please read The State of Science in Canada.