Murray Dobbin has nailed it in his latest blog Libya the Lie when he points out that the media and the blogosphere have been almost silent in the face of the blatant lies of the invasion of Libya. No wonder "they" lie, when no one even notices, remembers, or, apparently, cares.
Dobbin points out that the funds frozen in foreign bank accounts were NOT Gadafhi forunes stashed away as is the case with so many other dictators, but Libyan national government money, and that the young undisciplined thugs taking power will not be able to replace the government that lies in ruins under NATO's bombs.
"Who will take the “responsibility to protect” Libyans from this new gang? Who will protect the people of Libya so that they continue to enjoy a literacy rate above 90 per cent, the lowest infant mortality rate and highest life expectancy of all of Africa, free medicare and education and the highest Human Development Index of any country on the continent? Do the boys firing their guns in the air even have a clue that their living standards — subsidized by nationalized oil — were among the highest in Africa? Who will they blame when medical care disappears and their kids have to pay to go to school? Western, free-market democracy will come to Libya at a very high price when designed and delivered by the neo-colonial powers."
It is time for people to stop wearing their tender hearts on their selves and examine the sweetheart lies - especially those that arise in a massive chorus from the mainstream and establishment - and especially where oil is concerned.
As it stands now, it is hard to separate Libya the Lie from Libya the War Crime. Time to smarten up. Who's next?