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Watershed Sentinel is western Canada’s award-winning environmental news magazine, independently publishing environmental journalism since 1990.

In a world where our news is increasingly monopolized and corporate - controlled, the Watershed Sentinel remains the voice of the grassroots – the folks who are working on the environmental issues that face us today: oil and gas pipeline projects, water, climate change, GMO’s, fish farming, conservation efforts, etc.

We aim to report about and advocate for environmental issues so you know what’s really happening to the world around you. The Watershed Sentinel provides a forum for intelligent discussion about environmental issues and their broader social implications.

The Watershed Sentinel is more than just a magazine.
We have been the voice of the grassroots environmental movement in Canada for over 20 years. When Canadian environmental community groups and thinkers want to have their story heard, they contact us and we share their story via our magazine, website or our Facebook page. We are connected to many activist organizations and people, so are able to glean the press releases and action alerts that come across our desk and get the word out quickly to you. We also sponsor and are involved in community events here in our Vancouver Island home.

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Our History
The Watershed Sentinel has come a long way from its beginnings as a community newsletter on Cortes Island, BC. Throughout the years, Editrix, Delores Broten, has remained at the helm, using her investigative journalist skills and a network of activist colleagues to provide articles that meet a high standard of writing.

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Our teameditors, writers, designers, webmaster—is supported in large part by dedicated sponsors, patrons, and sustaining subscribers. We also rely on the guidance and support of our Board of Directors and the many volunteers  - proofreaders, peer-reviewers, writers, photographers, graphic artists, and fact checkers– who lend their skills. Thank you!

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