Obama and Harper are looking like arrogant, stupid rich boys that don't want (or don't know) how to play ball with the other kids...

Eventually, they will realize how isolated, and fragile, they are,  while the other kids keep rising together, helping each other... and having fun !   

Norberto Rodriguez de la Vega



“If one man and his tiny team could claim more KIAs [killed in action] than an entire battalion without raising red flags among superiors; if a brigade commander could up the body count by picking off civilians from his helicopter with impunity; if a top general could institutionalize atrocities through the profligate use of heavy firepower in areas packed with civilians -- then what could be expected down the line, especially among heavily armed young infantrymen operating in the field for weeks, angry, tired, and scared, often unable to locate the enemy and yet relentlessly pressed for ki


Posted on August 30, 2012

For a decade new park protection in BC has slowed to a crawl as the BC Liberal government has mounted a relentless attack on the province’s wild places and wild life.

by Joe Foy

It’s time to rise, coffee’s on and a new day is dawning – just look at those colours!” 

This summer my wife and I headed south to enjoy

Posted on August 23, 2012

The AGM was held at Weyerhaeuser Centcom on their massive sprawling complex 25 miles south of Seattle. Weyerhaeuser Way winds through acres of 2ndgrowth forests of fir and cottonwood and leads right to their Corporate Headquarters building next to a large duck-pond with expansive landscaped, manicured golfcourse style gardens.

Posted on August 15, 2012

by Delores Broten

George Bush is doing it. So is China, and the province of Ontario. Not too surprising, but some of the other proponents of new nuclear power plants are startling. If it will allow industrial extraction to continue unabated, we might expect Patrick Moore to be in favour of nuclear as part of a “sustainable future.”

Posted on August 11, 2012

by Jim Cooperman

There are not too many examples in history when a one-day event has shaped the course of an entire decade and perhaps even an entire century. What occurred on September 11, 2001 was that event and its repercussions impact the entire world and the environment. Some very disturbing questions about that day deserve more attention from the general public, the alternative media and all concerned about justice, human rights, peace and the environment. 

Of all of human activities, it is perhaps war that has the greatest environmental impact. Besides the damage by bombs, armament and missiles, there are the impacts from the depleted uranium now used in armour and ammunition.

Posted on August 11, 2012

by Arthur Caldicott

Americans are addicted to oil. George W Bush said it himself.

Actually, the entire industrialized world is addicted to oil. And those countries that aren’t yet fully wired on

Posted on July 15, 2012

by Delores Broten

Sometimes everything just falls together in one simultaneous movement. In the case of urban farming, it’s hard to unravel the factors that have melded. Health, politics, maybe even evolution, all meet and point to one simple conclusion: It’s time to grow food in the city. 

Gardening, especially decorative gardening and landscaping, has been steadily growing over the last few years, along with the housing boom. In 2005, almost 100 million households in the US participated in one or more types of Do-It-Yourself indoor and outdoor lawn and garden activities, according to the National Gardening Association (NGA). In 2006, American homeowners spent a record $44.7 billion to hire professional lawn and landscape services. 

The ending of this beautiful rant by Phil Rockstroh,  After The Fireworks Have Faded: Intimations of Bosons Among a Cacophony of Bozos, concerns the value of working within the system of madness we inhabit, and I won't give it away - but here's a taste:


Posted on June 23, 2012

by Rob Wiltzen

When US lawmakers unveiled the new Highway Act of 2005, they likely weren’t aiming to ignite a global trade dispute in the forest products sector. The Act was alleged­ly designed to increase the alternative and renewable fuel mixtures powering the transportation of America. The legislation, however, was fatally flawed in its vague eligibility criteria. The rollout of the tax credits translated to a massive subsidy for the American pulp industry.  

Pulp mills claim the tax credit for burning black liquor, a


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