The Wilderness Committee has taken a close look at the NDP’s platform. Campaign Director (and Watershed Sentinel columnist) Joe Foy gives us an assessment of what the party says it will do if it wins the provincial election on May 14. Joe Foy is National Campaign Organizer for the Wilderness Committee. He speaks with Redeye host Jane Williams.

Posted on April 11, 2013

by Lisa Matthaus

Polling consistently shows that British Columbians have strong environmental values, some of the strongest in Canada: from protecting salmon to keeping our coast and streams free from oil spills, British Columbians across the political spectrum speak loudly and proudly to defend our natural legacies.

Elizabeth May has all but endorsed Joyce Murray in her bid for leader of the Liberal Party because Murray, like Nathan Cullen and May herself, is advocating co-operation between the parties to stop Stephen Harper's agenda of remaking Canada into a country we do not recognize.  

It is most interesting that Cullen, Murray and May, as an elected representative (sort of by proxy?), are from BC.


That narrow Victoria by-election, where the NDP and the Greens battled it out vote by vote (oh happy day if that could be the real condition of Canadian politics!) shows how likely we are to wind up with another 4 or 8 years of Harper Government distruction of Canada the nation and Canada the Land.


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