Posted on March 06, 2013

Land Grab in Guatemalaby Susan MacVittie

In March 2011, ethnic Maya Q’eqchi communities of smallholder farmers in southern Guatemala were violently evicted by state security forces from land they had farmed for generations. About 3,200 people from 14 communities in the Polochic valley were forced off land they believed they had a right to live and work on. Within months, hundreds of hectares of the lush valley in the province of Alta Verapaz were being planted with sugar cane that would be turned into ethanol for European cars. Today, displaced families live by

Posted on June 23, 2012

Galiano Island has seen more than its share of clearcut logging over the decades, but now the Galiano Conservancy is leading the way on restoration of one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada – Coastal Douglas Fir.

Over the past two decades the Galiano Conservancy As­sociation has focused on addressing issues of biodiversity loss and environmental sustainability on Galiano Island, the second largest of BC’s Southern Gulf Islands. These efforts include a unique restoration project with a goal of helping to transform one of the

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