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Web exclusive report by Delores Broten, August 2013

Every second sentence around my table this August weekend started with "Elizabeth May says...."  I am sure my friends are getting sick of it, so it is time to write up the short interview "our gal in Ottawa" gave the Watershed  Sentinel.

That narrow Victoria by-election, where the NDP and the Greens battled it out vote by vote (oh happy day if that could be the real condition of Canadian politics!) shows how likely we are to wind up with another 4 or 8 years of Harper Government distruction of Canada the nation and Canada the Land.

 The Green Party of BC Invites All to a Silent Vigil

June 12, 2012

Come join us at the fountain on the BC Legislature grounds starting 2:30 PM, Wednesday, June 13 as the Green Party of BC shows our support for Elizabeth May’s attempt to stand up for democracy. Wear green or a Green Party t-shirt and button. (We’ll bring buttons too.) No signs, this is a quiet vigil in support of Elizabeth May and the fight for democracy. Everyone is invite, you don't need to be a Green Party supported to stand with us and Elizabeth for democracy.

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