Posted on August 31, 2012

A massive open pit mine threatens Fish Lake, which currently contains so many rainbow trout it’s been listed as one of the top ten fishing lakes in the province.

by Joe Foy

The more I travel the province of British Columbia where I was born and raised, the more I am in awe of BC’s home-grown diversity. This amazing place has more wildlife species than any other province and more First Na­tions’ languages than all the rest of Canada combined! A rich and ancient record of human history flows along the salmon rivers and forested valley bottoms like a mist and rises to cover even the very tallest of peaks.

Learning to hear the echoes of these past times is a tricky business. But if we want to know where we are headed in the future, I figure it’s best to know where we have been.

The vast Chilcotin Plateau is one place where the past


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