Posted on July 11, 2012

by Susan MacVittie

As an incessant user of my cordless phone and a mother of a child growing up in the age of wireless technology, the potential harm from radiation of these devices has me fret­ting. I am not alone in my concern. Newsstands, talk shows and online journals are abuzz with the connection between cancer, cordless phones and cell phones.

Although cautious in their approach, public officials are issuing warnings about the possibility of harmful effects from radiation emissions transmitted from cell phones. In July, Toronto Public Health recommended parents limit their children’s cellphone use and US cancer special­ist Dr. Robert B. Herberman advised his staff to limit time on cellphones. Precautionary policies

Posted on July 19, 2011

Quote: The reason for smart meters is to sell smart meters, and then smart appliances.

An excerpt from Joyce Nelson's upcoming article, "High Voltage: Spin and Lies of a Global Energy Grid," in the upcoming September/October Watershed Sentinel

 "The truth is that smart meters aren't exactly necessary for a smart grid," stated Forbes (Feb. 1, 2011), "but for technical and economic reasons, they're here to stay."  

 Just what those technical and economic reasons are,

Posted on June 27, 2011

by Walter Patrick McInnes

Regarding Patrick Duffy's article, Concerns raised over safety & pricing of the installation of wireless hydro meters by BC Hydro in the June 26, Victoria Times-Colonist , page D7.

Duffy quotes Provincial Health officer Dr Perry Kendall. "I don't think there is any convincing evidence that the levels [of (rfr) radio frequency radiation] that we are being exposed to are in fact causing harm" I find this statement strange as there are thousands of peer reviewed studies that show adverse health effects as a result of exposure at the levels experienced when immersed in a WI-FI hot spot, or when using a cell phone, and when you head is just inches from a so called smart meter.

Posted on January 12, 2011

by Joyce Nelson

During three days of hearings on health impacts of Wi-Fi and wireless technologies, which wrapped up on Oct. 28th, 2010, Canada's Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health heard from some of the top international experts in the field, many of whom roundly criticized Health Canada's protection of

Posted on February 11, 2009

Introduction by Delores Broten

If you use the internet, a WiFi connection seems like the greatest thing since cell phones. Increasingly, however, questions are being asked about the health impact of these handy devices and their signal towers. Each expansion of the technology spreads more invisible rays through our schools, our cities, and our bodies.

Digging into the information on electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a minefield, occasionally entertain­ing, frequently fascinating, definitely complicated, certainly a great way to spend a lot of time to win few an­swers.

Did you know that an Israeli company is in human tri­als to treat cancer tumours with very low level medium fre­quency electrical fields? Turns the whole extensive debate about electromagnetic pollution and cancer on its head, be­cause the fields kill cancer cells right off. But each type of cancer cell responds to a different amount of electrical field applied at different angles.