Posted on March 01, 2016

BC Hydro Power Station, Photo by Tracy O.From Showcase to Basket Case: Before Gordon Campbell became Premier in 2001, British Columbians were concerned that he would privatize BC Hydro. The Liberals’ New Era platform was small consolation with its promise to “protect BC Hydro and all of its core assets ... under public ownership.” Voters could “be confident that [a Liberal] government will protect [their] interests,” and would not “play politics with BC Hydro.” Sure thing.

The First Energy Plan
Campbell wasted no time carving up BC Hydro, without quite breaking the New Era commitment. His first energy plan, Energy for Our Future, issued in 2002, was laid out as 26 “Actions,” many of which changed BC’s wild rivers, BC’s energy landscape, and BC Hydro forever. If he didn’t completely privatize BC Hydro, the effect of his policies were to destroy it as a viable economic entity.

Posted on September 28, 2012

Bill 30 is the most frightening affront to democracy British Columbians have ever experienced, and becomes a reality as citizens fight against new IPP applications in Salmon Arm.

by Lannie Keller

Luckily a friend read the city paper where they advertise these things. Unluckily the deadline was imminent. Another Independent Power Producer (IPP) application – another wilderness place. 

Posted on July 06, 2012

by James Knoop 

The town of Golden may seem to be a backwater place in the middle of nowhere, but when it comes to the environment, and in particular to the rampant push for independent power producer (IPP) projects, we’ve had to face our battles just as much as anywhere else. 

Posted on July 05, 2012

by Arthur Caldicott

For ten years, the BC government has been pushing BC Hydro to acquire increasing amounts of electricity from independent power producers (IPPs). Initially, Hydro was told it could not build any new generation facilities, so would have to buy from IPPs. Then the policy ramped up: buy enough “clean” energy by 2016 to meet domestic demand. Then: meet domestic load

Posted on November 10, 2011

by Erik Andersen

The Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark energy policies have pillaged BC Hydro of the equity that employees contributed and created. I feel sorry for the employees, who do not understand that their contributions have been squandered for the benefit of others. When the predator class gets sight of a sound balance sheet - as BC Hydro once had - it is slaughtered like an innocent

Posted on September 15, 2011

by Joyce Nelson

The people of BC have been told repeatedly that the province is a "net importer" of electricity and needs to become "self-sufficient" - claims that are used to justify everything from "run of river" independent power producers (IPPs), to energy mega-projects such as Bute Inlet and the Site C dam. But a US electricity expert told me that California has been "buying a tremendous amount of power from BC over the past decade."